Cocaine Mitch Goes Full Savage After Being Questioned About His Ancestors Owning Slaves

I don’t know who Mitch McConnell hired a few years ago to revamp his social media presence and coach up his wit in public, but that person deserves a massive raise. McConnell has went from being despised by the voters of his own party to enjoying a cult following as the grim reaper and a cocaine kingpin. That’s impressive, I don’t care who you are.


In response, Democrats have of course turned up their hatred for the Senate Majority Leader to eleven and with McConnell garnering an opponent for the 2020 election, NBC News wrote one of the most garbage hit pieces you’ll see emanate from the liberal press.

RedState Contributor Sister Toldjah covered the details of that earlier today so make sure you go read about that here. The short of it is that McConnell’s great-great grandfather owned slaves and McConnell opposes reparations, therefore NBC thinks they’ve got a news story. Why Mitch McConnell is responsible for what his great-great grandfather did isn’t clear, but it’s 2019 and intellectually honesty in the media no longer exists.

Instead of brushing such a dumpster fire of a story aside, other media outlets ran with the scoop. One reporter thought she had McConnell pinned down when asking him about the report.

His response was absolute gold.

Do not screw with this man.

To turn that around by throwing Barack Obama’s family history right back in their face is absolutely brilliant. It leaves the media absolutely nowhere to go. What are they going to do? Condemn the former President’s genealogy of slave owners?


Of course they aren’t, nor should they. This entire thing is ridiculous and McConnell’s answer perfectly points out the absurdity. He is not responsible for the sins of his forefathers anymore than a hypothetical granddaughter of a rapist is responsible for her grandfather’s crimes. We are all individuals and there’s no logic in holding someone accountable for a family member’s actions before they were even born.

I’ll end by noting that if the media want to play this game, Kamala Harris’ ancestors also owned slaves. Is NBC News going to be doing any deep dives into that or nah?


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