New Poll Is Good News for Trump, Smashes Conventional Wisdom on Major Issues

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Guatemalan immigrant Amariliz Ortiz joins families impacted by the immigration raids during a rally calling on the Obama Administration to protect Central American women and children seeking refuge in the United States. (AP Photo / Nick Ut)


This isn’t necessarily surprising in and of itself as much as it’s surprising to see a polling company actually ask and publish answers to these questions.

If you are on Twitter or partake in mainstream press, you’d be given the impression that Donald Trump is on the wrong side of every single major issue he’s pushing. From immigration, to the census, to trade. I follow The Washington Post because I, unfortunately, have to in order to know what to react to, and the sheer amount of “perspective” and “opinion” pieces they shove out in a 24 hour period opposing Trump is mind-blowing.

Of course, the media and Twitter aren’t real life and a new poll by Harvard/Harris shows that in stark detail.

Credit to Eddie Zipperer for putting the results in an easy to post thread.


The result on asylum is very interesting given the media narrative we constantly see painted. Most Americans appear to fall on the side of common sense when it comes to the wave of asylum seekers crossing the border illegally. You simply can’t give asylum to every economic migrant. While wanting to help everyone may be morally laudable, it’s not realistic or sustainable for the United States.  Asylum has always been predicated on imminent danger via organized violence, usually involving war or government persecution.

Trump being on the right side of the ICE deportation issue is a big slap at conventional wisdom. Again, we see Americans erring on the side of common sense, realizing that those that have legally adjudicated deportation orders need to be deported or we will simply have anarchy on the border. You’ll also see in the poll that 59% of respondents believe immigration authorities are acting in a fair manner, contrary to the hysteria we saw last week from the Democrat party.


Now for the best part though.

There has been literal gnashing of teeth for months over the idea of adding a citizenship question to the census. This despite it being on there for 175 years and the President having clear statutory authority to re-add it.

A full 67% of the public believe that’s the right path. That’s a huge repudiation of the mainstream media talking points on the issue. They are not even close to having majority support on their side.

The abortion question is more expected and shows the 2020 Democrat field on the wrong side of most voters when it comes to repealing the Hyde Amendment.

There’s more involving questions on Trump and investigations that are also just incredible.

So there you have it. Despite the press pushing and pushing the idea that Trump’s positions are wildly unpopular, he actually scores highly in nearly every major question of policy. Even on the Russia issue, a majority are very interested in seeing the origins and possible abuse that took place, which is something CNN assures us isn’t important.


Let this be a lesson that what you see in the media is simply noise. If Trump can make himself more personally likable, he will walk to re-election. He just needs to make sure he doesn’t alienate voters with any major outbursts. Unfortunately, that’s far from assured given Trump’s past behavior, but it does show that he’s got room to grow if he chooses to water the seeds.

The public is largely with him on actual policy and direction. That’s a really big factor for the President heading into next year.


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