Man Arrested for Illegal Possession of a Meth-Addled Attack Squirrel With Quite the Name

It’s Saturday so we’ll take a quick break from politics to cover something much more serious.

A man in Alabama is giving every crazed Florida man a run for his money this week. Mickey Paulk was arrested and charged with illegal possession of wildlife after it was discovered he was keeping an “attack squirrel” that was strung out on meth. The squirrel’s name was of course “Deez Nuts.”


An Alabama man who gained widespread notoriety after being accused of feeding methamphetamine to what authorities called his ‘attack squirrel’ has now been charged with a state wildlife offense.

Court records indicate 35-year-old Mickey Joel Paulk has been hit with a count of illegal possession of wildlife.

Paulk has not denied having a pet squirrel he named Deez Nuts, which is illegal under state law. But he has denied police allegations that he fed meth to the squirrel to make it aggressive.

Paulk actually led police on a high speed chase that culminated in him ramming an investigators car. He was also wanted on several other drug and firearm related charges.

Others had warned police about the squirrel before they sought to bring Paulk in, letting them know that the squirrel had been trained to attack and was fed meth to keep it aggressive.


This story does have a happy ending though, at least for the squirrel. After treatment, it was successfully released back into the wild in late June. No word on whether it’s found a new dealer yet, but here’s hoping he stays clean.


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