Cory Booker Desperately Seeks Attention, Escorts Migrants Across Border in Photo Op

Cory Booker by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Cory Booker has suffered failure to launch. His campaign has become a joke, culminating in the first debate where a black guy from New Jersey felt the need to start speaking broken Spanish for some reason. He’s shown there’s no level of pandering he won’t sink to.


That level got even lower in the past days after he pulled this stunt.

Here’s his spokeswoman via The Blaze.

“Today @CoryBooker crossed the U.S. border from Juarez to El Paso,” she tweeted, “to help escort 5 asylum-seekers and try to prevent them from being sent back to Mexico.”

Booker said to reporters that he believed their asylum claims were legitimate based on their fears of sexual violence, and the violence they had already experienced.

Booker must not realize that what he believes is irrelevant. We have actual professionals who adjudicate these cases and the vast majority turn out to be fraudulent.

But I’ve got to hand it to him. Smuggling illegal immigrants for a political photo-op is a new one. Props for originality.

What you are seeing here is the desperate flailing of a man who’s had his thunder stolen by Kamala Harris. He knows he can’t attack her directly, so he’s doing whatever he can to draw attention to himself. Perhaps he’s angling for the vice president spot on a Harris ticket? Who knows, but I do know that none of this seems to be working for him.


Having politicians now going to the border to directly interfere in law enforcement is ridiculous. Their job is hard enough as it is without politicians from the coasts descending on the area to taint the process and pretend the have any idea how to validate an asylum claim.

Booker is currently languishing at about 3% in the polls. This nonsense will do nothing to help him.


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