MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Decides to Melt Down Because Democrats Are Left-Wing

Last weekend, I wrote a piece about two articles penned by Bret Stephens and David Brooks. In them, they both lament the fact that the Democrat party has moved so far to the left, with the main concern being that Donald Trump might win again if it continues.


Stephens’ actual article was quite good in a vacuum as a critique of the Democratic party, but the timing and who the complaints were coming from all seemed a bit self-serving. Now, your concerned about these things? The very things other Republicans figured out years ago? The Democrat party has been moving hard left for over a decade now. That’s what many on the right had on their minds when they pulled the lever for President Trump back in 2016.

We are also talking about writers who endorsed electing Democrats in 2018. Less than a year ago, they were telling everyone to put Nancy Pelosi in as speaker but now I’m supposed to listen to their worries about the Democrat party’s continued march left? There’s no credibility left there.

Stephens and Brooks aren’t the only ones who’ve suddenly discovered Democrats are crazy though.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough had quite the meltdown yesterday on Twitter.

You don’t say?

Predictably, liberals didn’t take too kindly to him trying to tell them what to do, so Scarborough kept tweeting.


Would you walk into a Chinese restaurant and complain they aren’t serving spaghetti? Scarborough apparently would.

The Democrat party being left-wing is not new. It’s not unforeseen. Nancy Pelosi wasn’t a moderate three years ago. I find all these complaints to be a bit ridiculous. If he wanted a party that doesn’t endorse those things, he probably shouldn’t have gone so over the top so as to put all his chips on a political party that supports abortion until birth and open borders. Just a thought.

There’s a certain delusion that comes with Scarborough’s position. It’s one thing to be anti-Trump and sit at home. Arguments can be made over what is actually being helped or hurt at that point, but abstaining can at least be defended as a principled position. Being so triggered by Trump that you’d support socialists and crazed inter-sectionalists can’t be defended by any appeal to principle. And whether Scarborough likes it or not, that’s exactly what he’s supporting.


Scarborough chose his new friends. He could have remained somewhere in the undefined middle and not become so rabid over all this (his moral preening over Trump is especially rich since he just recently left his wife and kids for his co-host). He chose not to and instead went full bore to elect Democrats. Now, he gets to live with the consequences of that. Liberals are not going to change who they are because Morning Joe isn’t happy with their platform.


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