In Celebration of July 4th, The New York Times Publishes a Completely On Brand Hot Take About America

The New York Times never disappoints when it comes to publishing anti-American tripe and they served up something special for this Fourth of July.

In the buildup to Independence Day, a holiday the country used to be able to largely celebrate without controversy, the Times decided it was a good idea to give space to this piece.


This is truly the most on-brand thing the Times has ever done.

I mean, the United States has only helped lift billions of people out of poverty, won two world wars, and led medical advancements that have saved literally millions of lives around the globe. Well, that and formulating most of the major technological breakthroughs of the last century, which again has helped billions of people. Clearly those are the accomplishments of a country that’s just average though according to the Times.

So where does this article get it’s idiotic take from? Why, “studies” of course. Here’s the Washington Examiner with an explainer of what’s so wrong about the video.

Referencing the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Raza and Jensen offer a graphic which says the U.S. has the “highest poverty rate.” One problem? The OECD’s own statistics show America does not have the highest poverty rate of member nations. Oops. But there’s another issue here: The OECD applies a relative poverty measurement to reach its conclusions. It relies on assessments of equality of wealth; the relative poverty rate prejudices nations such as America that have a lot of wealthy residents.


They are using a study that uses relative measures of poverty and inequality. The problem with that is that’s it’s an incredibly stupid metric. If you have $1000 and I have $100000, you are still richer than the guy in Honduras with $20 while his wealthy neighbor has $100. These are the kinds of stupid games we see played in the intellectual sphere to try to paint the U.S. as anything other than what it actually is, which is the most economically prosperous and opportunity rich country in the world.

The video also goes to the tired “infant mortality” trope. In reality, records are not kept uniformly, with many countries not counting certain deaths that we count. Only an absolute moron could possibly believe the United States simultaneously leads all of human history in medical innovation but that we can’t birth children as safely as Cuba. Yet, you have mainstream liberals who will make that argument.

But things get even dumber.

“It’s gotten to a point where I think there are specific times and places where you can confuse America for a developing country,” the narrator said, “as elections are tampered with, water can’t be drunk from taps, citizens don’t trust uniformed officers, infrastructure is crumbling, and where a dual system is emerging when public services are available to the highest bidder.”


If you look at the United States and confuse it with a developing nation, you’ve never actually been to any developing nations. Most of what’s listed there is just patently false and nothing but left-wing propaganda.

On the subject of elections being “tampered with” though, guess who they flashed on the screen?

Yes, we are still doing this. Stacey Abrams, who lost by over 50,000 votes despite there being zero evidence of voter suppression (black turnout actually exceeded historical norms), is still being bandied about by the Times as a victim who had the election stolen from her. They are never going to stop are they

I’ll say this. The United States is not perfect. The same is true for every other country in the history of humanity. That does not negate that we are still the greatest country on earth. No country has done more to help more people than the United States. Whether we are talking directly, technologically, financially, or even philosophically. It shouldn’t be controversial to say that but we’ve reached a level of such insanity in our politics that it’s now politically expedient for some to denigrate the country that’s given them so much.


Keep in mind, this is the same newspaper that did an entire series about how great life was in the Soviet Union. But when it comes to the United States, we are presented as a hell hole and you better not think otherwise.

Here’s the million dollar question. If the United States is not the greatest nation on earth, who is? Of course, you’ll never get an answer to that because then the Times would have to actually defend that position and it wouldn’t go well for them. Easier to just crap on the United States via a bunch of vague liberal talking points and run away.


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