Snopes Reports on Andy Ngo Assault, Shows Why Their Site Is a Dumpster Fire

As we reported a few days ago, journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by Antifa members in Portland, OR. Ngo has covered the violent, anarchist movement extensively, something the mainstream media are too biased and cowardly to do.


In response, we saw all manner of ridiculousness, including many blue checkmark “journalists” justifying what happened and insinuating (or outright saying) that Ngo deserved to be beaten.

One outlet that reported on what happened was fact-checking site Snopes. Once a reliable source, they’ve decided that being woke is more important than being accurate. See this headline for an example.

There’s so much wrong here.

One, Quillette is not a “conservative site.” It’s a center-left site. The fact that Ngo finds Antifa objectionable and worthy of coverage does not make him a right-winger. Ngo is an editor at the site. It’s not an arbitrary description he gave himself.


Secondly, Ngo did not “say” he was attacked. He was attacked. That’s not in dispute. When that tweet went up, there were already multiple videos in circulation showing the assault.

You’d think a fact-checking website could affirm such basic details when reporting on the story. Instead, they framed the entire ordeal as in question because it involved the beating of someone they view as being on the right.

Recently, it came out that Snopes is dealing with financial trouble and is locked in a contentious legal battle. That’s probably for the best.


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