AOC Makes Crazy Allegations After Her Visit to a Detention Facility, but She May Have Been Caught Lying

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW 2019 by nrkbeta, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., listens during questioning at a House Oversight and Reform committee hearing on facial recognition technology in government, Tuesday, June 4, 2019, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Today, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supposedly visited a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol facility in El Paso, TX. I say supposedly because whether she even went inside is being called into question, as you’ll see.

In response to her visit, she took to Twitter to make some really out there allegations.

She is first alleging that CBP agents, knowing they were being watched and would have everything reported, sexually and physically threatened her. I honestly have no idea what that actually means, but it sounds like a pretty serious charge. Maybe she could provide some details?

She then goes on to assert that CBP agents, again knowing anything they did would be reported on, told women to drink out of the toilets.

Does anyone really think that sounds believable? Let’s assume that CBP are actually evil nazis torturing people. That’s a ridiculous assumption, but let’s make it for the same of argument. Does anyone believe they would expose their deeds in front of a rabid, open borders ideologue like AOC? That simply doesn’t pass the smell test.


Laughing about what? That would be important to know. Were they joking about a rerun of The Office? Or migrants suffering? AOC again gives no details, which seems to be a theme.

There’s also the question of whether the “toilets” she claims were being drunk out of were actually these.

AOC may not realize what the term “potable” means, it’s a big word after all, but that means it’s safe to drink.

Furthermore, we are supposed to believe that all this happened and the Congressional members just left? No badge numbers, no names, no evidence, and no pressing charges for supposedly being threatened? Makes sense.

Regardless, now questions are arising about whether she even toured the facility at all or is simply repeating false stories she heard from someone else.

So she didn’t even go inside? She just caused a big scene in the pre-tour meeting? Now that sounds completely believable.

AOC is a terrible liar. She’s been caught misrepresenting or making things up numerous times, to the point where she makes Donald Trump blush. Nothing about what she describes sounds realistic. CBP are not going to tell a woman to drink out of the toilet in front of Congressional members, nor are they going to threaten someone while giving a public tour of a facility. Only a partisan so engulfed in AOC’s cult of personality could possibly think those things happened. Of course, there are plenty of those on Twitter defending her right now.


I’ll also point out that her claims are perfectly timed with the release of a ProPublica report that claims to have found a “secret” racist Facebook group containing 9,500 CBP agents. In reality, they’ve managed to confirm three, yes only three, people in the group work for CBP. Yet, the narrative is now spreading far and wide that half the CBP workforce of 20,000 people are in a Facebook group making jokes about dead migrants.

The claims AOC makes here are very, very serious. If any of this actually did happen, she needs to put up some evidence. Otherwise, she needs to apologize for spreading dangerous false information. I have a feeling she won’t do either though because no one ever holds her accountable for anything.


As I expected, AOC essentially admits she’s repeating something she heard and didn’t actually witness any wrongdoing.

And here are more details about her outburst. She did not actually tour the facility, which was no doubt pre-planned as part of the game she’s playing.


“She comes out screaming at our agents, right at the beginning [of the tour] … Crying and screaming and yelling,” said one witness who said he was stunned by the outburst in front of approximately 40 people.

“The agents, they wanted to respond, but they held back because she’s a congressional delegate. But when you have someone yelling at you in a threatening manner … ” the same person said. “They were like, ‘Hey, you need to kinda step back.’”

The congresswoman told the group she would not go with the 13 other House Democrats on the tour of the facility and stayed with the family.

A picture of maturity.


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