Journalist Andy Ngo Violently Attacked By Antifa Today, Mainstream Media Silent (UPDATED)

Andy Ngo is a freelance journalist who spends most of his time covering the Antifa movement. He’s been able to document a lot of their insanity, as well as violence, specifically in the Portland, OR area where Antifa has a massive following. The mayor of Portland has essentially ceded his streets to the masked contingent, refusing to allow police to keep the peace or even respond immediately when assaults happen.


Ngo is a throwback to when the term journalist actually meant something. He’s not getting paid a cush salary to write preening, biased articles at a major newspaper. He’s out on the front lines reporting on matters that the mainstream media are too cowardly to cover.

Unfortunately, Ngo was assaulted today by the jack-booted, mask wearing thugs of Antifa and the results aren’t pretty.

Here’s an actual video of some of the attack.

And another video showing the aftermath.

Ngo would eventually be taken the hospital. He’s currently in the ER and has a few updates on his Twitter if you follow the links above.

This kind of behavior is absolutely disgusting. It’s also disturbing how much of a pass Antifa continues to get just because they espouse radical left-wing ideals. The media won’t report on them, MSNBC makes excuses for them, and Chris Cuomo compares them to soldiers on D-Day fighting Nazis. In reality, they are fascistic cowards who block streets, riot, assault people, and generally cause mayhem whenever they meet.


There is no reason these clowns should be allowed to shut down areas of town, prance around in masks, and beat people. Yet, the authorities won’t do anything because the Democrat leadership has handcuffed their ability to respond.

Meanwhile, the responses on some of the tweets above are just gross. Liberals celebrating his assault and accusing him of being a bigot who deserved it. For the record, Ngo is Asian and gay. He’s never done anything bigoted and is simply trying to cover a story worth covering.

Lastly, where the heck is the media? The firefighting truth tellers who ensure us that the safety of journalists is a top priority? CNN hasn’t reported on this. Neither has MNSBC or any of the alphabet networks. If a left-wing journalist was attacked at a Trump rally, it’d be breaking news and the story would last for weeks.

We did get this weak response from Brian Stelter via Twitter though.

What a garbage statement. Stelter calls Ngo a “messenger” instead of a journalist and he doesn’t even have the guts to call Antifa out as the responsible party. There’s a word for that tweet and it’s cowardice.

We are headed toward a dark place in this country if this doesn’t stop. The Democrat party embraces these violent radicals and eggs them on. The media either ignore them or prop them up. Eventually, one of these clowns is going to milkshake and assault the wrong person and they are going to end up shot in return. Then what? Things are going to escalate to a point of no return soon.



Here’s a NYTs opinion writer basically excusing what happened because of course.

Ngo does not embed with hate groups. He shows up as a third party to these protests to document what is happening. The mainstream media are just trash.


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