Bill de Blasio Gets Absolutely Raked by New York City Police Officers After Debate

Bill de Blasio has no business running for President but he’s going to try anyway and last night’s performance at the debate was awkward, to say the least. He spent most of the night yelling and trying to interrupt everyone, including the moderators who quickly cut to commercial at one point after one of his outbursts.


On substance, de Blasio wasn’t any better. He gave some answers in a discussion about guns that didn’t sit well with New York Police Officers.

That’s the NYC Police Benevolence Association, which represents over 50,000 current and former officers. They help advocate and take care of the needs of those serving in the nation’s largest city.

De Blasio’s answers were typical fare from him. He basically blamed police for everything, hence the “we need to have a conversation about policing” nonsense. He made claims that simply aren’t true about New York’s crime rates. He tried to claim that he “runs the largest police force in the country.” While that may be true technically in a hierarchical sense, he doesn’t actually “run” anything. He lords over them to the point where most of the NYPD hate his guts.

The only way to combat crime is more policing, not this feel-good rhetoric about building relationships. We saw that in the 90’s when increased policing led to the greatest drop in violent crime in modern history, of which we are still seeing the benefits of today. But because inter-sectionalism has overtaken everything on the left, common sense no longer applies. The less policing in these poor neighborhoods, the higher crime rates go and the more minority individuals are harmed or killed. Yet, it’s seen as compassionate and woke to just blame police.


De Blasio is a joke at this point. He knows it and everyone else knows it. The only thing more ironic than him running for President is that he’d no doubt get re-elected if the law allowed him to run for Mayor of New York again.


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