Democrats and Media Members Get Dragged for Political Flip-Flopping on Border Crisis

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A strange thing has started happening over the past few weeks. Democrats, leftist media members, and some anti-Trumpers have suddenly discovered there is indeed a crisis on the border. You see, Donald Trump wasn’t in fact “manufacturing” a crisis back in Feb. when he declared a national emergency after an influx of family units started overwhelming the Border Patrol.


These flip-flops are made all the more stark by the commentary that was coming from these same figures just 3-6 months ago in regards to the situation at the southern border.

While they’d like everyone to forget their past words and hypocrisy, we haven’t and neither have a lot of people on the right. What follows is a sampling of some of the things CNN figures, Democrat politicians, Never Trump ambassadors, and editorial columnists across the political sphere were proclaiming just a short time back.

(Credit to our sister site Twitchy for helping compile a lot of these tweets.)


Here’s GOP Rep. Chip Roy quoting Democratic leadership.

Reading these is absolutely mind-numbing. All the claims that the President was lying, that there was no crisis, etc. while CBP themselves were saying they were at their breaking point. It’s political manipulation at a level that just makes you feel gross for even witnessing.

Don’t forget Jim Acosta’s famous border live hit either.

Here was Never Trump savior Evan McMullin doing what he does as well.


Almost all of these comments came only four to five months ago.

Now, some dishonest brokers may try to claim that things are different today. That there was no emergency at the border 4-5 months ago but that there is today. That’s complete nonsense. We were seeing spikes of over 70,000 crossing a month as far back as late 2018, before most of these dismissive statements were made. The total numbers were also not the only issue. CBP was not setup to handle the amount of family units that were crossing illegally. That exacerbated an already bad situation.

Meanwhile, Democrats, media members, and a lot of anti-Trump figures on the right gnashed their teeth over the suggestion we actually do something about the situation that was presenting itself. That partisanship wasn’t just politically disgusting, it has cost people their lives.

Of course, this transformation in disposition on the left (and with some on the right) didn’t come from nowhere. It’s only now happening because they have sensed the political winds shift. They know they can’t deny reality anymore so they are looking to seize the high ground again, this time by admitting there’s a crisis while seeking to blame it on Donald Trump. That’d be the very same Donald Trump who asked Democrats many months ago to provide more funding, beds, facilities, and judges to help with handling illegal immigrants. The refused, sending a message to Central American countries that it was open season to head to the U.S. and that’s led us to the horrible situation we are in today.


As a result, untold numbers of people have died, been sexually assaulted, or been injured on a dangerous journey never should have made. All because open borders advocates incentivized illegal crossings by stonewalling any attempts to fix the issue. This is on them and their sudden flip-flop won’t absolve them of their words and deeds.


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