Here's a Compilation of Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll's Comments, Decide for Yourself

Last week, a story broke in New York Magazine (which was actually an excerpt from an upcoming book) claiming that President Donald Trump committed rape in a dressing room back in the mid-90s. The author of that book and writer of the article is E. Jean Carroll. She’s also the accuser in this case.


You can read the details of the original claim here.

Given that this is a claim of rape (or something approaching it), initial reactions were that it should be taken seriously. I agree. You can’t just dismiss someone out of hand because they hold different partisan viewpoints, of which Jean Carroll certainly does if you are on the right.

Judgment of credibility comes over time, just as it did with Christine Ford during the Kavanaugh ordeal, and I think we have enough information now for people to begin making up their own minds.

Here’s a compilation of some of the things she’s said in several interviews over the last few days as well as some refusals she’s made to try to substantiate her story.

When asked if she’ll press charges…

Aside from the general oddity, that answer places current politics on the forefront of her mind, something you wouldn’t expect from someone in the middle of recounting their own rape.


When asked what she wishes she’d said to Trump at the time, this was her response.

Again, we see partisan politics at the forefront of her mind.

After claiming she still has the unlaundered dress, she was asked if she’d get it tested.

She claims she wanted Donald Trump to try on lingerie over his pants.

In her latest interview, she described rape as something people feel is sexy.


That exchange had CNN running to commercial.

No comment on this next one…

Even in settings such as the one with CNN’s Alyson Camerota, where the host was clearly coaching and guiding her to say certain things, Jean Carroll’s statements are all over the place and just strange. See The Daily Wire for more quotes from that specific interview.

Jean Carroll has also joked about rape in the past.

Other oddities about this story include that no major outlets covered it early on. Coverage is only starting to trickle in now but they are framed as reaction pieces, “Why aren’t more people paying attention to this?” type writings while not dealing with the actual accusations much at all. What does that say about the corroboration available?


On the topic of motivation, as mentioned earlier, this is all being rolled out as part of a book she’s selling where she claims to have been raped by 6 different powerful men, all at different times in unrelated settings. How did this story about Trump not come out during 2016?

Finally, while Jean Carroll claims to have told two people who can “contemporaneously corroborate” her claims, both remain completely anonymous and she won’t ask them to come forward to back her up.

I’ve purposely chosen to go light on the editorializing in this piece.

Decide for yourself.


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