A Viral Photo of Children at Detention Facilities Got Blamed on Trump, Reality Tells a Different Story

CREDIT: US Customs and Border Protection via Flickr.com. Public domain.

This is what, the 4th or 5th time a photo of kids at the border has gone viral that ended up not telling the real story? In this case, the misleading was clearly intentional though, as you’ll see.


A picture of children sleeping with aluminum thermal blankets on the floor of a CBP detention facility made the rounds this weekend. It was posted by someone named Nancy Lee Grahn. Apparently, I’m supposed to know who she is because she’s on TV and has a blue check-mark, but admittedly, I’ve never heard of her.

Here’s the original tweet, which is still up.

The immediate judgment was that Donald Trump personally drove there and forced the kids to sleep on the floor just because he’s that evil. The left exploded over the photos and it’s still going today. She even pinned it on her timeline.

The problem? This was once again a picture from the Obama administration. In fact, the date stamp is in the picture but Grahn cropped it out.


Have you ever noticed that almost every problematic photo of the border situation that’s gone viral in the last year has ended up being from the Obama administration? Funny how that works. Yet, time and time again, the media and Twitter-verse outright lie about the genesis to throw partisan mud.


To be fair to Obama though, it’s hardly “torture” to give thermal blankets to children after they’ve been apprehended as unaccompanied minors. What else is CBP supposed to do with them initially? Put them up at a Holiday Inn in Phoenix? They are caught on the border, away from civilization and have to be cared for immediately. Bunk beds and playgrounds aren’t readily available at that point in the process. That’s not intentional, it’s just the reality on the ground.

The lack of rationality in this debate is just mind-numbing. CBP is doing everything it can with the resources it has to take care of illegal immigrants who are caught. You can not simply dump children on the street corner in the interior. They have to be held, checked out, and placed in homes. That means time in a detention facility. It’s not ideal, but it’s the reality of the situation. No one is purposely hurting kids. These are caring, career law enforcement officials that are on the front lines. They aren’t the Waffen SS running “concentration camps” or any other ridiculous nonsense that’s been propagated lately.

That’s not to say today’s facilities aren’t having issues. these facilities are waning in quality because of a lack of funding, which Democrats steadfastly refuse to provide while they virtue signal their disapproval of the conditions. The game they are playing is simply perverse and no one but right-wing outlets will even bother to call them on it.


This problem could be fixed next week if the mainstream media stopped playing politics and started actually holding Democrats accountable for their obstruction on this. But they won’t. We’ll instead continue to go around in circles because this is too politically advantageous of an issue for Democrats to actually do their jobs.


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