BREAKING: Trump Backs Off Deportation Threat, Cites Democrat Request

After threatening to deport thousands of illegal immigrants who have pending deportation orders this coming week, President Trump has now backed off that threat.


ICE was supposed to start a major operation targeting those who’ve already had their cases adjudicated by an immigration court. Most of these would be people who never showed up for subsequent hearings, attempting to just blend into the interior of the country. Contrary to some Democrat political bluster, no one was going to be deported who was not already subject to a lawful removal order.

Trumps move isn’t a surprise to anyone who has followed his waffling on the issue over the last two years.

The idea that an extra two weeks is going to lead to some grand compromise on immigration is likely wishful thinking. This is not a new issue and there’s no reason to think Democrats will now suddenly negotiate in good faith. Furthermore, the issues of reform and enforcement are disconnected unless Trump is open to granting amnesty to everyone with a pending deportation order.


The President’s recent walk backs regarding this issue and Iran are not going to help his credibility as someone who follows through.


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