AOC Claims an Explosion Was Caused By Climate Change, Leaves Everyone Confused

She never stops.

Concentration camp Twitter is still an ongoing thing as I write this, as brave media firefighters rush to tell us how she’s actually right despite being completely wrong. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez must always be defended at all costs and liberal orthodoxy routinely changes overnight to accommodate whatever she says.


This latest example is going to be really tough to massage though. But hey, they’ve surprised me before.

What does an explosion at a refinery have to do with global warming? That’s the million dollar question and the answer is absolutely nothing.

But here’s a preview of the coming defense.

You see, AOC isn’t actually saying that climate change caused this explosion despite saying this proves climate change is an existential threat, which logically means she’s saying it caused explosion. No, she’s just saying that fossil fuels are flammable and can explode. Now connect that dot to fossil fuels releasing carbon. Carbon supposedly causes “climate change.” Thereby, if we didn’t use any fossil fuels, there’d be no explosion and no carbon being released into the air. Also, workers would be treated better by not having high paying jobs in the oil industry.

Boom, checkmate suckers.

That line of thinking is of course idiotic. Even if you live in some fantasy world where we go 100% renewable in regards to energy, fossil fuels are used for all kinds of other products we use in our everyday lives. Windmills and solar panels have no ability to replace them. There would still be drilling of oil, handling of it, and refining of it going on even without it being used as an energy source.


Further, the oil industry is heavily regulated with extremely strict safety standards. While accidents happen, it’s not a free for all leaving “working class people” slaving away in dangerous conditions at the behest of evil oil executives. Quite the opposite. The oil industry provides highly paid jobs to millions of Americans without higher education who might otherwise not have the opportunity to make anywhere near the money they are making.

But AOC wants to tear all that down because an oil refinery had an unrelated explosion. Also, climate change, social justice, yada, yada, yada, something. Sounds reasonable.

This is the new face of the Democratic party and it’s as disturbing as it is funny.


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