Here's How Long CNN and MSNBC Showed Trump's Campaign Launch Speech

The bias of CNN and MSNBC isn’t really in question, but here’s another example to throw on the heap.

Last night, President Trump announced his re-election bid in front of an overflow crowd in Florida. Whether you support him or not, a sitting President announcing his next campaign is undoubtedly newsworthy, so much so that nearly every news network out there live streamed the entire thing.


Well, all but a couple.

This is probably what we can expect going forward, especially from CNN. After getting savaged in 2016 for “promoting” Donald Trump, I’d be surprised if they ever show Trump speaking about anything ever again. They got the message and are bowing to it.

In total, CNN showed six minutes of the speech before cutting away for “analysis.”

The irony of Stelter saying that Trump “reverted to his usual lines” is that CNN’s “analysis” is nothing but the same lines of criticism over and over with the same people, on the same panels, with the same hosts. If monotony was their concern, they’d have done better-showing reruns of Cuomo’s show than putting Jeffrey Toobin on air for the millionth time to rant and rave.

More so, should a network really be basing it’s programming decisions on getting its feelings hurt by a crowd saying “CNN sucks?” If you are CNN, the answer is yes.


MSNBC didn’t show the speech at all, but that’s to be expected. They don’t even try to hide who they are and I kind of at least respect that compared to Stelter’s network. It’s hilariously on brand that instead of showing the speech, they decided to have Chris Hayes talk about people flashing the “OK sign” outside the Trump speech to troll them. Like moths to a flame, they can’t resist.

By comparison, both networks gave unfettered airtime to Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and even fringe Amy Klobuchar when they gave their announcement speeches. While CNN and MSNBC may claim it’s about the “same lines” being said or the crowd getting rowdy, the simple truth is that they don’t trust their viewers enough to not feel like they have to tightly control the narrative.


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