Bernie Sanders Takes the Gloves Off, Accuses Democrat Party of Sabotaging Him

Everything old is new again and Bernie Sanders finds himself right back where he was in 2016. That being a guy with a rabid base but obviously not someone the Democratic party would ever actually allow to be the nominee.


Sanders seems to have caught on to that fact and he’s now speaking out.

Sanders is feeling the heat from Elizabeth Warren, who polls show is siphoning off his support. The idea is that “moderates” see Warren as a more acceptable candidate, despite being just as rabidly socialist as Sanders. The policies are the same but Warren gives off less of a “crazy old Soviet” vibe. The liberal press have also done their part lately to really prop up Warren and present her as a serious person with “ideas.” No matter that those ideas are mostly garbage.

After Sanders was kneecapped in 2016, he played along anyway and endorsed Clinton. This was obviously done with an expectation on his part that the DNC would give him a fair shake the next time. That’s not going to happen. You can already see the media narrative building on the left that Sanders isn’t an option and you can guarantee the party is helping push that message.

Unfortunately for Sanders, he finds himself in a much weaker position this time around. Right now, even absent any possible collusion against him, he’s still getting blown out by Joe Biden. Now, he’s feeling the heat and he’s lashing out. The next step is to take the gloves off and start attacking the party directly. That’s what’s happening in this tweet and it’s a preview of what we are going to see next week at the debates.


The Democrats have a problem on their hands. Bernie’s supporters are radicals and they aren’t going to take feeling slighted lying down. One of the factors that led to Trump winning in 2016 was a sizable amount of Bernie voters either voting for Trump or sitting home. That could very well happen again.


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