Media Hacks Rushed to Defend AOC's Ridiculous Concentration Camp Comments, Then Auschwitz Responded

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Caricature by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

If you’ve been on political Twitter today, you’ve probably seen Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s crazy comments describing border detention facilities in the United States as “concentration camps.” She’s since doubled and tripled down on them.


This makes no sense for so many reasons that it’s hard to articulate. No one is forcing people to cross our border illegally, and they are free to leave at any time. Illegal immigrants in our detention facilities are not being forced to work or being gassed with their families. Everyone being held at the border are being given due process and will have their claims adjudicated. There’s essentially no comparison at all to any historical definition of a concentration camp. If anyone commits a crime in this country, they are typically confined for some period of time while their case is processed. That’s all that’s happening at the border. How any of this is controversial, I don’t know.

No mind, though. The white knights in the media rushed to defend AOC anyway, because that’s what they do.

Here’s Dave Weigel from The Washington Post.

She was just talking about the Boer War, you guys! Yes, it’s obvious that AOC, whose knowledge of history ends with the results of last year’s American Idol, was actually giving a call back to a little known war in South Africa. That’s the ticket.


The level of gaslighting being presented by Weigel in that tweet was hard to top, but MSNBC’s resident historian managed to do so.


Telling others to learn “some actual history” while defending a ridiculously a-historical assertion is the most Chris Hayes thing ever.

Even though it’s apparent that AOC meant the Holocaust, we don’t even have to speculate. Why? Because she specifically cited “never again,” which is a direct reference to the Holocaust. There is no question she was making a comparison to Nazi concentration camps, and it’s ludicrously dishonest to suggest otherwise.

Meanwhile, press outlets like The Washington Post decided the real story here was that Republicans were upset, because that’s always the story, right?


Then something amazing happened.

The Auschwitz Museum chimed in and made a polite suggestion to Chris Hayes, CNN’s K-File, and others who rushed to defend AOC’s comments. It’s one of the most incredible “I’m not owned” moments in Twitter history.

I suspect “concentration camp” Twitter won’t end here, though. The media are already running to post op-eds by “historians” letting us know that border detention facilities are in fact just like Nazi death camps, just at an earlier stage. I guess the CBP are the Waffen-SS in this scenario, underhandedly building infrastructure leading toward the extermination of illegal immigrants? It’s all so crazy that I’m not even sure what else to say about it.


We’ve reached a level of absurdity in our political discourse that’s hard to fathom.


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