AOC Takes Aim at Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden in New Interview

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Internal divisions within the Democratic party are nothing new. We’ve seen Pelosi desperately trying to hold back the tide against her own caucus on impeachment for months now.


One of the highlights (for those of us who aren’t Democrats) was Nancy Pelosi making this quip about AOC and her “wing.”

Unfortunately for Pelosi, she’s losing this battle. More and more of her left-wing counterparts are salivating at the idea of impeaching President Trump even though it makes no logical sense whatsoever.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of those countering Pelosi more and more often.

This per The Daily Wire.

Ocasio-Cortez told ABC News’s “This Week” on Sunday that Pelosi should recognize that enforcing a “rule of law” is more important than long term strategic wins.

“I think every day that passes the pressure to impeach grows. It’s justifiable. I think the evidence continues to come in and I believe that with the president now saying that he’s willing to break the law to win re-election, that — that goes — that transcends partisanship. It transcends party lines. This is now about the rule of law in the United States of America,” Ocasio-Cortez told host Jon Karl.

Just to spoil the fun here, regardless of what you think of Trump’s comments on looking at foreign sourced opposition research, he never said he was going to break the law to do so. It is not illegal for a Norwegian (which is the example Trump used) to tell a candidate about something illicit that their opponent did.


As some have opined since the admission, if the idea is that it’s always wrong to have a foreigner as a source of information, then that’s basically a green light for politicians to do whatever they want overseas. The fact is that many people who run for President are very internationally connected and if they do something objectively wrong overseas, it’s almost certainly going to be a foreign national who has that evidence.

The entire argument is just dumb and is a clear affront to free speech and freedom of association. There’s a difference between something being illegal and something being morally questionable. Regardless, the outrage over what Trump said is clearly partisan given that Hillary literally contracted a company that ended up using Russian government sources in 2016.

AOC wants blood though and she’s sending brush back pitches at Pelosi’s head right now.

Asked “how real” the rumored progressive “animus” toward Pelosi really is, Ocasio-Cortez was clear that progressives’ patience is wearing thin.

“I think it’s quite real. I believe there is a very real animus and desire to make sure that we holding this president to account,” Ocasio-Cortez responded.

This is a problem for the Speaker. AOC may be fringe in the context of the country, but she’s becoming a louder and louder voice within her party. How long can Pelso hold her off? I’m not sure but I do know that impeachment makes absolutely no sense given the lack of evidence and how close we are to a coming election anyway.


AOC didn’t stop with Pelosi though. She also hit at Biden (again).

As far as strategy goes, Ocasio-Cortez was quick to claim that a “moderate” Democrat like former Vice President Joe Biden would alienate much of the Democratic base, and that Americans are clamoring for “a presidential candidate that is fighting for true transformational change.”

In other words, she wants Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

I actually don’t think she’s correct here, which is a bit redundant when talking about anything AOC says. The Democrat base wants to beat Trump. That’s basically the entirety of their voters’ motivation outside of the very fringe left. If Biden is the nominee, they are still going to turn out for him.

I also don’t think Americans are clamoring for “true transformational change.” We tend to just want to be left alone and voters value stability. That’s why Trump’s biggest risk going into 2020 is the perception of volatility he gives off. He’d be coasting to re-election if it were just about policies and the economy.

AOC is making a strategic mistake here. She’s picking more fights than she can win. Going after Pelosi is one thing. Inserting herself into the Presidential race is another. She’s even decided to re-ignite her feud with Amazon. Eventually, AOC is going to have too many enemies to overcome. Never mind that what she’s pushing for, whether it be impeachment or economic transformation, is bad for the country.


It’ll be very interesting to see whether any Democrat will have the guts to try to primary her in 2020. I know the Democrat establishment sees her as a nuisance but whether they’ve got the gumption to do anything about it has yet to be seen.


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