Here’s How You Know Vox’s Carlos Maza Isn’t Serious With His Latest Crying Over YouTube and Steven Crowder

When it broke a few weeks back that Vox’s Carlos Maza was trying to de-platform Steven Crowder, we covered it extensively on RedState.

The simple explanation is that Crowder is a conservative comedian who mocked Maza’s continual promotion of his homosexuality while doing a rebuttal video on another topic. This was said to be out of bounds by Maza and others, as certain groups just can’t be made fun of anymore according to them. I personally prefer a world in which comedy can still target just about anyone, but what do I know?


Maza formally worked at Media Matters and is nothing but an activist parading as a journalist. He hosts a show Vox YouTube that routinely misleads and lies about anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders, so it should be no surprise that he drew the attention of someone like Crowder. Maza couldn’t take the joke though and decided he was being “harassed” (spoiler: he wasn’t), contacted YouTube directly, and is still waging a campaign to get Crowder banned from the platform.

Here’s his latest Twitter cry session over the issue.

At least he’s honest I guess?

Now, take this tweet from the same day.

Read those tweets and think about the implications. You’ll start to realize there’s a big problem with what Maza is saying versus what his actions are.

Here’s a serious question that deserves a real answer. If Maza truly felt he were being harassed and that YouTube “exploits LGBT people,” why is he still using the platform? In some scenario where I felt I was being exploited, the first thing I’d do is to stop whatever entity from exploiting me.


You know what Maza could do right now to stop YouTube from making profits off him? De-monetize his videos. YouTube would then no longer make a dime off him and everyone wins, right? If this is really about exploitation and not censoring free speech, as Maza claims, that’s the simplest, most direct solution.

Better yet, leave the platform altogether. YouTube has no obligation to bow to Maza’s demands, but Maza has the power to remove himself from their clutches of his own volition. Why not do so? Shut down the Vox channel and go to another platform. That’d make a real statement instead of the continued whining on Twitter.

But Maza won’t do any of that because he’s not actually a serious person. His crusade is simply about publicity and it’s obvious. YouTube is doing the right thing by letting Crowder remain. Kowtowing to Maza would only ensure thousands of other content creators (some of which the left like) would have to be removed as well.

In short, Maza should stop talking so much and put his money where his mouth is. Stop making cash off platforms you claim to hate and maybe you might be taken a little more seriously.


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