Wild Haired Socialist Won't Answer If He Still Wants Government Takeover of Major Industry

This should probably be disqualifying, or at least it would be if our political system still existed in some realm of sanity.

Bernie Sanders has had an affinity for socialism for a long time. He famously praised the Soviet Union on film back in the 80s and vacationed there with his wife. Since then, he’s tried to moderate his choice of role model by claiming Scandinavian socialism is his drug of choice now. You know, because citing the Soviets doesn’t really work anymore, with all of the murder and starvation and whatnot.


So has Bernie really changed? Nah, he’s still red at heart.

The background on this is that in the 1970s, Sanders pointedly said that he favored “public ownership” (i.e. government ownership) of banks, utilities, and “major industries.” There’s no other word to describe that except communism, a system that has led to nothing but death, despair, and tyranny over it’s lifetime as an ideology.

Chris Wallace asks him if he still supports that and Sanders deflects. A normal person would be able to answer that in about two seconds but Sanders isn’t a normal person. He’s conflicted at his core. He truly believes top-down communism is the way to go but he also knows that he can’t quite say that yet, not even in 2019.

Instead, what you get in this clip is laughable obfuscation where he ignores the fact that he said “public ownership” of “major industries” and instead riffs about how publicly owned utilities are awesome (spoiler: they aren’t). Sanders then says something about credit unions because that’s all he meant you guys. He wasn’t really pushing for Russian style socialism all these years. No, he just wants credit unions.


Everyone knows what Sanders really believes and he’s made it no secret over his career. A career that consists of getting thrown off a commune for laziness and then entering public office, where he’s never produced a single thing of value. The fact that he’s even being considered as a serious Presidential candidate shows just how far down the rabbit hole the left have gone in this country. Sanders is every stereotype of your typical communist rolled into one wild haired old man. He doesn’t practice what he preaches. He owns three houses but lectures others on having too much money. He wants Americans to pay higher taxes while he can’t even be bothered to give 1% of his income to charity to help those in need.

Despite Sanders’ hypocrisy and the weight of history crushing his ideology, major portions of the voting public actually back this man and his ideas. It’s a scary proposition that large portions of younger generations also think “socialism” is the answer. Answer to what exactly? Who knows, as the economy is booming and opportunity is overflowing. But someone, somewhere doesn’t have as much as someone else so we’ve now got to burn the whole system down that created the most prosperous society in human history. It’s just ludicrous on its face.


Unfortunately though, the American public may have to learn the lessons of socialism the hard way, as more and more seem eager to embrace it.


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