Excerpts From Jim Acosta's New Book Show How Hilariously Self-Aggrandizing It Is

Jim Acosta is out there risking his life.

He’s currently on a media tour promoting his new book “Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.” The studios of CNN and under-attended book signings are his battlefield.


Acosta is in so much danger that he’s teaming up with Dan Rather for a public appearance at Barnes and Noble.

There’s a certain irony about the guy who constantly says “I’m not fake news!” teaming up with one of the godfathers of fake news. Whoever Acosta’s publicist is didn’t think that one through. Maybe Rather can riff on how he hated a President so much that he tried to pass off fake documents on the eve of an election. Acosta might learn a thing or two.

Want an example of just how highly Acosta thinks of himself and his profession? Here’s an excerpt from his new book.

This guy realizes he’s essentially irrelevant right? What real life consequences is he speaking of? I’m assuming he means death threats, of which he’s never produced any, but if he gets them he’s hardly the only media member, politician, or political figure to receive threats. This is especially true when someone purposely makes themselves polarizing by being so incredibly dishonest.


That’s not to say he deserves to be threatened, but neither does Donald Trump. Life in the public eye isn’t fair and the attempts to blame the President for any risks to his safety are just another transparent ploy for attention.

Of course, Acosta’s “danger” is largely a fairy tale. He goes on CNN to talk about how unsafe Trump rallies are, then he goes and takes selfies with the hecklers. It’s all a game to him.

The talk of sacrifice in his book is almost obscene. He makes millions of dollars to ask biased, partisan questions. There’s no nobility in that and there’s certainly no actual sacrifice. But Acosta views himself like a soldier on Okinawa, valorously storming emplacements as he shouts nonsensical questions at the President. I mean, there was that one time where he had to be outside when during the winter though. Such bravery.

While Acosta wants to blame others for the fact that a lot of people dislike him, the truth is that his ridiculously unfair reporting is the real reason. He’s routinely made things up, mislead audiences, and inserted himself in political discussions, all while insisting he’s just a journalist.

Regardless, for all the talk about the danger of his job, how many journalists have been attacked because Trump called them fake news? There hasn’t been a single one, so maybe Acosta is overplaying his hand just a bit. On the other hand, several journalists have been attacked just this year by left-wingers. No one wants to talk about that though because it doesn’t help the narrative.


Inflated egos of the degree shown in Acosta’s book are not a pretty sight to behold. They are just gross. There are real people out there everyday in various professions who actually risk their lives and they do so without fanfare or writing ridiculously self-aggrandizing books.

Acosta’s account of his vast sacrifice and importance reads more like a parody at this point and should be treated as such.


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