Kirsten Gillibrand Produces the Single Most Awkward Moment in Political History

She’s bad at this. So bad that she makes Hillary Clinton look scarily authentic.

Kirsten Gillibrand is currently polling at 0% and looks like she’s going to miss the first debate. What she does have is name recognition though and that’s earned her a bit more media time than the other hangers on.


We are in the midst of “pride month,” which means all Democrat politicians must relentlessly virtue signal their support for something they otherwise don’t think twice about. Gillibrand is no exception. In doing so, she has produced what appears to be the most awkward moment in political history.

(clip is only a few seconds)

So many questions. For starters, how do you “work a gay bar?”

In the video, Gillibrand is seen swaying in her mom jeans, sporting a gay pride shirt and sipping a shot like it’s some kind of alien drink. At the end, she suddenly springs to life and shouts “gay rights!” in a manner you’d expect of a half-stoned college kid pounding beers at spring break.

What is this supposed to be? Who was filming this and how where they not on the floor laughing at the sheer embarrassment of it all? Could no one tell her, “look, this just looks ridiculous, let’s hit delete on this one?”


At some point, she’s got to pack this in, if only to try to keep at least some sliver of her tattered dignity intact. This level of pandering isn’t easy to come back from.


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