Chuck Schumer, Others Lose Their Minds Over Trump's Deal With Mexico

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Last night, the U.S. and Mexico came to terms on a deal to help stem the flow of migrants north. Over 144,000 illegal aliens crossed last month, many of which immediately made frivolous asylum claims. There is no question such levels of abuse are at crisis level, so much so that even some Democrats have been unable to deny it any longer.


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and his fellow party members have done absolutely nothing to help the situation. Instead, they’ve stonewalled monetary requests for things like bedding, facilities, and additional manpower. Then, as the situation worsened, they virtue signaled to the public about how awful it is that illegals being captured aren’t immediately given 5 star accommodations. It’s political but it’s also pretty disgusting.

Take Bernie Sanders, for example, where Rep. Dan Crenshaw promptly put him in his place.

After the deal was announced last night, you’d think Democrats who were preaching economic Armageddon a few days ago might just be quiet for a while. Take the loss and move on, don’t draw attention to it, etc.

But nah, this was Chuck Schumer’s response.


This is what it looks to suck at social media.

This is a “the jerk store called” level of a jab. You’d think he’d have staffers who could help him out here or perhaps this was a staffer, in which case they should probably be relieved of their Twitter duties.

Trump did the opposite of what Schumer claimed would happen and his only response is to idiotically, sarcastically assert that this must mean the problem is solved. Because signing a deal means all migrant flows stop immediately or something. I don’t know, the point is that it makes zero sense.

That’s what’s probably really motivating Schumer. The Democrats were salivating at the idea of Trump imposing tariffs that would hurt the economy going into 2020. Instead, Mexico caved to a reasonable level of action. That’s infuriating for liberals and open border advocates.


The same “look the crisis is over!” line was tried out by noted anti-Trumper John Zielger last night as well.

That’s a level of delusion I’m not prepared to witness. It’s just awkward.

As I’ve said many times, I have nothing personal against people who disagree with Donald Trump. But when your default reaction to even positive news is to flail about, desperately trying to spin it as a negative, I can’t respect that.

After HotAir’s Jazz Shaw politely suggested to Ziegler that he perhaps just take a break, this was his response.

These people are deranged. Even in the face of objectively good news, they can’t just give credit where credit is due. If Mexico reneges on the deal, they’ll be plenty of time to cry about that later. For now, Trump scored a good victory for this country. Everyone should be supportive of that.


Instead you get crazed responses like those from Schumer and Ziegler. That’s 2019 for you.


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