Joe Biden Just Got Caught Plagiarizing Again, Less than 24 Hours After First Being Exposed

I’ll give him this. Joe Biden is certainly consistent.

Yesterday, Biden was caught plagiarizing major parts of his “climate” plan, which appeared on his website. He apparently lifted the language from left-wing non-profits with no citation.


When confronted about it, he called it inadvertent, but that doesn’t add up.

Now, more examples are coming to light today.


The difference between now and 1988 is that the media won’t dare call him out on this. Sure, they’ll ask for comment, but noway does this become the scandal it was back during his first run for the Presidency. He’s too important to be taken down by something like this so they’ll protect him.

This says a few things about the Biden campaign.

One, it’s not nearly the machine it’s being made out to be. In actuality, he’s still building infrastructure and is riding high off name recognition. He’s also decided to go into hiding the past few weeks, but that won’t work forever. Eventually, he’s got to hit the trail daily and his handlers can’t keep him in a bubble.

Two, it shows that Biden is still massively prone to mistakes. One of the myths about the 2020 Biden campaign is that it would be different this time. No more gaffes, no stupid comments, and no more touching women inappropriately. But this is Joe Biden. You can’t change a 76 year old man and his campaign reflects his sloppiness.

What all this means is that you can probably throw those “Biden up 10 points” polls to the side for now. The current environment isn’t real. It’s a carefully constructed facade that Biden can’t keep up the entire campaign. Even speaking of the Democrat primary, the punches are going to come hard and fast once the debates start. Being the old man hiding in the corner won’t win him any races in the long term.


As to the plagiarism itself, it shows how much of an empty suit Biden is. He has no original ideas or principles. He’s just flailing about, trying to find a middle ground where he can hold onto some of the left-wing base while not ticking too many moderates off. Copying and pasting liberal propaganda dealing with climate change and education is just laziness on his part.

Biden thinks he has this wrapped up but the race hasn’t really started yet. Expect many more screw ups on his part to come in the future.


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