Steven Crowder Makes a Hilarious Apology Video and Vox's Carlos Maza Re-Triggers All Over the Place

As I wrote on last week, Vox’s Carlos Maza started a campaign to get Steven Crowder banned from Youtube.

This stemmed from a rebuttal video that Crowder did on his show responding to Maza trashing conservative news outlets. You see, Maza is free to name call, use vulgarities, and go after anyone he wants, but the moment someone gives it back to him, he wants those people banished from society.


In fact, at one point Maza called for the assaulting of those he disagrees with.

This guy is not a victim. He’s a disingenuous, squirrelly guy who makes a living sliming others unfairly.

Here’s part of Maza’s original appeal to get Crowder banned.

If you’ve ever seen any of Maza’s videos, you know the above tweets are essentially a one to one representation of how annoying he is. He’s as liberal as they come, routinely skews facts, and presents things in bad faith on a consistent basis. In response, Crowder just had a little fun with the guy. That’s America. We are allowed to make fun of people (at least for now).

Maza doesn’t think so though and started interfacing with Youtube directly (because if you are a liberal, you get special treatment) to try to get Crowder’s channel banned. So far that hasn’t happened.


In response to all this, Steven Crowder released one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in years. Seriously, do yourself a favor and actually watch it. I get that when someone posts a video, most people only watch the first five seconds, but this is worth it. Trust me.

As you can see from his response, this re-triggered the heck out of Maza.

The best part of the video? Crowder apologizes to every single person of note he’s ever joked about on his show, including people like Hillary Clinton and Rachel Maddow. But there’s one lone exception: Carlos Maza. He’s never mentioned in what culminates into one of the all time greatest trolls I’ve witnessed on the internet. 20 minutes of dead pan apologies and Crowder dares Maza to start freaking out again.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what he did.


Maza is now currently trying to pressure advertisers to drop Youtube over their (current) refusal to ban Crowder. In reality, there’s no reason to ban him, as Crowder’s show meticulously follows Youtube’s community rules. Do he push the envelope? You bet he does. That’s what makes comedy funny and edgy. But he’s done nothing to justify being thrown off the platform.

Maza knows this but is pushing for it anyway because that’s what liberals do. They try to silence those that disagree with them and they certainly can’t take a joke.

We’ll see what Youtube ends up doing here. I suspect they’ll just try to ignore the situation until it blows over but if Maza’s call picks up steam, we could actually see Crowder’s show, which boasts almost 4M subscribers, taken down. If that happens, it’ll really be time to push the panic button for conservatives who have feared the censorship culture wouldn’t stop at Alex Jones.


Stay tuned.


Youtube has officailly ruled against Carlo Maza and will not de-platform Steven Crowder.

Let the rustling of the jimmies begin.


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