Jerry Nadler Starts the Mueller Hearings and His First Witness Is Hilariously Bad

Jerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has decided he’s moving forward with hearings on the Mueller report. Because we must get to the bottom of what happened, according to Democrats, and 400+ pages from the Mueller report just won’t do.


In reality, this is a partisan exercise with no real end game except to drag the issue out into the 2020 election. Nadler has been rebuffed at every turn, even by Robert Mueller himself, who’s said he has no reason to testify.

In the absence of any real, substantive witnesses though, Nadler has a plan.

His first witness in the hearings will be…Nixon White House Counsel John Dean?

That’s a Politico reporter above breathlessly letting us know that the Democrats are shifting to “substance” by bringing in irrelevant lawyers from a 50 year old administration. Makes sense.

While having no actual testimony to give concerning the Mueller report and its inner workings, what Dean does have is delusional anti-Trump bonafides and that’s good enough for Jerry Nadler.


In other words, Dean is a grifter, much in the same mold as Bob Woodward, who’s been living off of Watergate most of his adult life.

And completely unexpectedly, all of his targets over the years have been Republican Presidents. Bill Clinton, who was actually impeached, didn’t make his list of “Worse than Watergate” books, but Ronald Reagan did because reasons.

Dean is the worst kind of character because he was actually up to his eyeballs in Watergate and his transformation is nothing but self preservation. He needed to save his skin after getting caught trying to cover up Nixon’s deeds so he decided to become a reliable Democrat apparatchik, knowing it’d give him plot armor for the rest of his life.

This guy will have absolutely nothing substantive to give Jerry Nadler and his crew, but he will rail against Trump and that’s enough to get you called in as an expert witness.


The Democrats are making fools of themselves. The DOJ successfully slapped their hand, so they shift to using John Dean as a mouthpiece in public hearings, knowing the media will report it as serious business. The rest of the country is just laughing at them though.

But hey, maybe Nixon will finally resign after this?


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