Kirsten Gillibrand Trashed the NRA, Then They Produced a Letter From Her and Things Got Awkward

Kirsten Gillibrand has currently earned the votes of her immediate family (we think) and sits at 0% in all the latest polling. It doesn’t appear she’s even going to make the cutoff for the first Democrat primary debate. To say her campaign has fallen flat is a bit of an understatement but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to fight the good fight.


After relentlessly trashing Fox News previously, she decided to do a town hall on the network and let’s just say that it didn’t go well. She’s basically Hillary Clinton but even more inauthentic. Figure that one out.

Take this clip of Gillibrand trying to explain why she flip-flopped on gun rights the moment she was no longer representing a more conservative Congressional district.

(The clips are short, I recommend you watch them for their comedic value alone.)

Anyone else just get a headache? Even past the fact that she’s lying, her delivery is just terrible and she comes across as flailing about wildly.

On her points, the NRA doesn’t sell guns and is a non-profit. They aren’t worried about profits from gun sale as she says. Her quip about the terror watch list is also dishonest tripe. The problem with allowing the government to place people on a secret list with no due process is that it’s third world, dictatorial nonsense. We don’t strip rights from people in this country just because some government bureaucrat decides to put them on a list. You’d think every politician could at least agree on that, but I guess not.


One thing she says in the clip is the the NRA is “the worst organization in the country.”

While that’s not groundbreaking when it comes to Democrat pandering these days, it is note worthy here because the NRA happened to dig up a letter from Gillibrand in response to her comments.

My word, that’s awkward.

In the letter, she’s writing to the executive director of the NRA (at the time) and her position on guns is nearly the polar opposite of what she espoused to Chris Wallace. She reaffirms her support for the 2nd amendment and even trashes the idea of meaningless, feel good laws that don’t actually help reduce gun violence. I agree Sen. Gillibrand.

Even more hilariously, she brags about her support for the Heller decision that she now opposes, which codified the 2nd amendment as protecting the individual right to bear arms.

She ends with this glowing language toward the NRA.

I appreciate the work that the NRA does to protect gun owners rights and I look forward to working with you for many years in Congress.

That sounds quite a bit different than calling them the worst organization in the country. It’s not like the NRA is any different today than it was in 2008. Their missions is exactly the same. The difference then was that Gillibrand represented a rural district and had to pander to those voters. Once she got to the Senate, she immediately became a hardcore liberal on gun rights because her voter base was no overwhelmingly Democrat. There are no principles at work here, only opportunism.


Gillibrand is a hypocrite. She shifts with the winds as bad as any politician in recent memory. Her in-authenticity and awkwardness are why she’s polling at 0% and can’t get any traction. You’d think she’d take the hint and just quit at this point. Instead, she’s sticking around for more and we’ll be her to laugh at all of it along the way.


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