Talia Lavin, Who Falsely Trashed an ICE Agent As a Nazi, Just Lost Her Gig Teaching "Journalism" for a Hilarious Reason

This is about as pure a case of schadenfreude as you can get.

Talia Lavin is a pretty volatile person. She’s most famous for trashing an ICE agent last year as a Nazi because she thought she saw an Iron Cross on his arm. It turned out that the agent fought in Afghanistan and had lost both legs. The tattoo was a unit insignia.


Not content with just trashing one wounded veteran, she then set her outrage on Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

She seems lovely doesn’t she?

After being fired from her fact-checking job at The New Yorker (she claims it was voluntary but I choose to not be gaslit), Lavin failed up by getting a journalism professorship at NYU, because people that make up stories for political reasons should totally be teaching the next generation of press members.

Welp, so much for that. Her class just got canceled. Why?

Because only two people signed up for it in the fall.

New York University has canceled an undergraduate journalism class that former New Yorker fact-checker Talia Lavin was scheduled to teach this fall after only two students signed up.

The decision to hire Lavin to teach the elective, “Reporting on the Far Right,” had drawn criticism since she resigned her New Yorker positionlast June after falsely accusing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent of having a Nazi tattoo.

Well, that’s gonna rustle some jimmies.

Lavin will also not be invited back.

Penenberg also said it was unlikely his department would invite Lavin back. “It would make no sense to try it again, given how few students expressed interest,” he said. “We have no plans to offer Talia another course, simply because her main focus (and the focus of her upcoming book) is the far right.”


While it’s pretty funny to see justice catch up with Lavin, even indirectly, it’s still a really bad look that NYU ever invited her on as an “expert on the far-right.” This woman has no expertise on anything. She has zero journalistic ethics and spent most of her time railing in a partisan manner. It’s actually slightly encouraging that no one wanted to take her silly class.

So what’s next for Lavin? Who knows. I’m sure some left-wing publication will give her space to vent. You are never truly done when you shill for Democrat politics.


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