In Shocking, Unprecedented Turns of Events, That "Trump Hid the USS John McCain Story" Ends Up Being Fake News

Just to go ahead and spoil things, the beginning of that headline is sarcasm. But seriously, how many times do we have to do this crap?

I have a general rule with sensational Trump stories. Wait 24 hours before giving them any credence. The typically flow goes like this: Media outlet makes incredible claim painting Trump as evil incarnate. Every network picks it up and it’s also repeated by certain conservative accounts that must constantly let us know how fair and open-minded they are. Twelve hours or so passes and the story turns out to be anywhere for 0%-20% true and completely out context. Everyone moves on to the next faux outrage. Rinse, repeat.


This latest story about Trump supposedly trying to hide the USS John McCain followed that cycle exactly.

As Elizabeth Vaughn covered this morning, the WSJ first reported on the story as a exclusive bombshell showing just how petty and gross Trump is. I mean, how could he possibly ask the Navy to hide the U.S.S. John McCain when the guy is dead. Let him rest in peace, am I right?

Yeah, well except it was nearly 100% fake news.

After it became apparent that Trump had not actually ordered the Navy to hide the USS McCain so he wouldn’t have to be triggered by it, the media immediately started to move the goalposts.


No, it doesn’t raise any questions. At all.

“Well, Trump didn’t know anything about it but, man, he’s still awful isn’t he?” is essentially the premise behind that Times piece.

So what’s the real story?

In actuality, a staffer made a single line request in an email. Trump knew nothing about it, the Navy had the ship in full sight during the ceremony anyway, and no one was upset about anything that happened. The likely reason for the original request was to avoid any ironic photos being taken that would then make the media rounds. It almost certainly had nothing to do with Trump not being able to handle reading “John McCain” on the side of a boat.

Now, compare that to the initial story and the avalanche of media outrage it perpetrated.

I’ll also note that several big name conservatives fell for this garbage story (including some I really like), taking shots at Trump over it. Question: Have they learned nothing at this point?

I won’t name names because I don’t think it’s beneficial at this point, but if any of them happen to stumble across this post, I’d suggest taking a few hours next time before responding. You don’t have to virtue signal your open-mindedness immediately anytime a story like this pops up. It harkens back to the Covington Catholic incident, where a laundry list of conservatives rushed to condemn the teenagers, only having to issue apologies later.


Just wait next time, seriously.


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