Planned Parenthood Accidentally Admits They Really Are Only About Killing Babies

[Screenshot from Planned Parenthood,]

A great thing is about to happen in Missouri. The last abortion clinic may be about too close.

This is related to the new heartbeat bill they passed. Given that Planned Parenthood provides abortions well past that point and is refusing to stop, their annual license is being refused.


In one word: Good.

That tweet accompanied a live interview on CBS, where the mainstream media outlet let Planned Parenthood’s President plead her case unopposed. There’s no doubt the media at large are pro-abortion and the full onslaught against these latest laws is apparent.

A follow-up video by Ms. Wen is what really got my attention though.

Wait, what?

I thought abortion was only 3% of what you do? What’s stopping Planned Parenthood from just keeping the clinic open to do the other 97% of non-abortion related services they claim to provide?


In one ridiculous plea, Planned Parenthood admitted what all of us already know.

They are an abortion mill focused solely on killing children in the womb.

Everything else is just noise for them. If they truly were about “women’s healthcare,” they’d have no problem sticking around to provide other services. Heck, they might even start giving mammograms, something that Democrats often claim they do but they don’t.

Planned Parenthood needs that sweet, sweet baby killing cash to exist. They try to pretend they don’t by using flowery, generic language but they can’t hide the truth.

If our media had any semblance of honesty, they’d be questioning Wen on why no abortion means they can no longer exist. They won’t though. They’ll protect her instead.


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