Man Sets Himself on Fire at the White House, Democrats Claim Tyranny When Their Protest is Moved (GRAPHIC)

This is pretty crazy story that played out yesterday.

There was some kind of trans, yada, yada, yada protest going on at the White House yesterday. Apparently Trump is trying to stop transgender people from getting healthcare? I don’t know, I’ve lost track of all the faux outrages at this point.


During the protest, a man literally set himself on fire. And I don’t mean a small flame, I mean a full on, body engulfing inferno.

There’s only two possibilities here.

He’s either hopped up something fierce on drugs that numb the senses or he’s wearing some kind of Hollywood style, protective suit. Noway does a normal person continue to stand motionless in that situation.

Despite the clear emergency situation, Democrats focused on what was really important.

No, I don’t mean letting Secret Service do their jobs. I mean complaining that Trump is a tyrant because their protest was moved back to accommodate the response to the man on fire.

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because of the guy on fire right in front of your protest? The smoke could be seen for blocks and people were videoing the entire ordeal.


Democrats never miss an opportunity to claim they live in a 3rd world dictatorship though. Because trans health protests trashing the sitting President are clearly things that are allowed to take place in tyrannical regimes. We have entire networks dedicated to continually bashing of Trump, but the 1st amendment is really under assault…or something. None of this makes sense.

Part of me wishes these people could spend one day in a real, oppressive country just to see how ridiculous their accusations are.


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