President Trump to Alabama: Yeah, Let's Not Try the Roy Moore Thing Again

Roy Moore, who lost his Senate race in 2018, is back and apparently wants to run again.

You’ll probably mostly remember Moore for the onslaught of accusations involving his behavior and women under 18 some 40 or so years ago. The entire situation was questionable on all sides. You got the impression that perhaps Moore had dated some women who were technically minors as a young man but the details were sketchy. Did he actually do anything illegal? I.E. only one of the accusations involved anyone under 16, and while it’s weird in today’s world, an adult dating a 16-18 year old was not out of place back in the 70s. For a while, it looked like he was just being accused of being creepy.


That changed when a woman under the representation of grifter lawyer Gloria Allred came forward accusing him of sexual assault. That finally sunk his candidacy. Immediately after, that woman and her story disappeared off the face of the planet.

Even today, trying to describe all this is difficult because the media wave so fierce, yet details were so sparse. While I think Moore did some “creepy” things by today’s standards in dating younger women, I think the Gloria Allred accusation of sexual assault was probably garbage.

Regardless, I’m not here to relitigate all that. I’m here to show you this tweet from Donald Trump, where he tells Roy Moore “nah, bro” about another shot at the Senate.

No matter what you think of the treatment of Roy Moore, we’ve got to win this Senate seat back. The 2020 race is going to be a brutal slog and every win will count toward keeping a majority.

That means Donald Trump is exactly right here. No one is entitled to a Senate seat. This is simply business and Moore’s not a good business partner at this point. The media will just savage him again and looking past the allegations against him, he’s kind of a kook anyway. He says silly things that won’t help his case and who knows what he might do to further handicap his path to victory.


In the end, this is up to Alabama to decide. If they nominate Moore again, then that’s their prerogative. I’d encourage them to listen to Trump here though and I think they probably will.


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