A Big Anti-Trump Story the Media Breathlessly Ran With Just Got Exposed as Fake News

Well, this is awkward.

Buzzfeed News has been at the forefront of some of the worst media blunders of the last several years. They of course hold the honor of being the only media organization to be publicly corrected by Robert Mueller. Just recently, they spread a false story that Ben Shapiro had helped radicalize a neo-nazi, leading to a half-hearted correction on their part.


Journalist integrity isn’t really their thing. Slapping at Donald Trump is.

That brings us to a hilarious turn of events involving a story that spread like wildfire late last year. It goes something like this.


I promise I’m not trying to only cite people from CNN, but that’s just how crazy that network is.

As you can see, the story at the time that Trump was being a diva and didn’t like the rain because he’d melt or something. So he canceled the trip to stay within the protective confines of his hotel because he just hates veterans that much. This ridiculous narrative stayed in the news for almost a week, as hands were wrung and teeth gnashed.

Well, a big revelation just came out regarding what really happened and it comes in the form of a backfire on the part of Buzzfeed News.

You see, they made a FOIA request, no doubt trying to show Trump lied and instead they got a surprise.



And thus another fake news hit job bites the dust. I’ve lost count at this point. Will Buzzfeed, CNN, and the multitude of other outlets that ran with the false story give a correction? Nah, they won’t. They’ll move onto the next faux outrage like they always do.

Being in the mainstream media means never having to say you are sorry.


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