Kim Foxx Just Threw the Book at Someone for Making a False Police Report but it Wasn't Jussie Smollett

After whitewashing the Jussie Smollett affair and dropping all charges, you’d think SA Kim Foxx would take a break from throwing the book at other people who file false police reports. You know, just to at least pretend like her “this is totally normal” story was true.



Only a couple of months later, she’s brazenly illustrating that she abides by two tiers of justice. One for minority celebrities who are in good with Jesse Jackson and another for the rest of us plebs.

Robert Racky pleaded guilty to filing false police report last month, after calling the cops in August 2018 saying he been carjacked. In fact, he had been booted by the city for unpaid parking tickets.

The frail 76-year-old, who opened the first rooftop club outside the home of the Chicago Cubs in Wrigleyville in 1988, was thrown in jail for two days before a lawyer posted his bond.

He couldn’t afford to pay the bail himself because of a slew of financial problems and was suffering from crippling bronchitis at the time.

Racky admitted his crimes straight after he was arrested and saved the city a lengthy investigation, but was still dragged through the courts and will now likely end his life with a rap sheet.

It was his first offense. Now questions are being raised as to why Racky was subjected to different standards to Smollett.


Now, compare this to Jussie Smollett.

Smollett didn’t admit to his crimes, cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars, and was eventually charged on multiple counts based on a multitude of evidence. Instead of being drug through the court system and forced to accept a criminal record, Smollett was let off completely. All charges were dropped, no official punishment was given, and the public were left with a ridiculous claim that he had done “community service” by spending the day at Jesse Jackson’s political outfit.

Kim Foxx’s office assured us this was all normal and how she typically handles similar cases.

Meanwhile, a 76 year old man that did something stupid (but owned up to it) was made to plead guilty. That’s not to say this man shouldn’t have been charged, but it is to say that it’s laughably unfair that Smollett wasn’t given the same treatment given the far worse degree of his crimes.

This is the real unfairness of our justice system. It’s not racial, it’s about money and politics. If you are rich, famous, and politically connected with the right people, then you get treated differently. Smollett should be sitting in jail right now for what he did (and his failure to admit it). Instead, he’s walking free while normal citizens end up behind bars, paying fines, and owning a criminal record for the rest of their lives.


For Kim Foxx’s part, she has no business being in the position she is in. While I’d hope the people of Chicago would figure that out and force her resignation, the history of corruption there suggests they’ll probably simply re-elect her.


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