People Are Freaking Out About a Trump "Quote" Involving Kim Jung-Un and Joe Biden, But There's a Problem

Sundays are usually slow news days so I jumped on Twitter to see what was trending and if I could find something worth writing about.

That’s when I noticed some fresh gnashing of teeth going on over a quote from Donald Trump involving Joe Biden and North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un. The source is a man named Ian Bremmer, who’s a rabidly anti-Trump writer for TIME magazine and a NYU professor (that school clearly hires only the best people).


Read the responses to get an idea of how the kind of insanity that permeates the left.

Several blue-check mark journos chimed in to as well, such as this one from The Washington Post.

Certified crazy pants Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu also retweeted it but has sense deleted it.

There’s a problem though. The quote is completely made up.

Notice his admission that he propagated fake news has ONE retweet as this writing.

So there you go. The quote was made up by a self-described “journalist.” Once he got caught, he then decided to try to play it off as an ironic joke. No matter though. Once it’s out there, you can never take it back and this will now insert itself into the minds of about 50% of the country as a truthful episode.


I can’t imagine why the media have absolutely no credibility with the general public, can you?


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