Maryland Officials Ignored ICE Detainers for Two Teenage MS-13 Members, Now a 14 Year Old Is Dead

You won’t see this on CNN, just as you won’t find the story of an illegal alien murdering (at least) 12 women. But tragedies like this keep happening and no amount of black-out coverage by a biased media is making it go away.


Authorities in Prince George’s County, MD released two teenagers that were known MS-13 gang members and who had already been charged with attempted murder. Why? Because ICE had put in detainers to come pick them up.

Two illegal aliens, one who came to the United States in 2015 as part of a “family unit” and the other unaccompanied in 2016, were released by the Prince George’s County Police Department after being charged with attempted first degree murder and other crimes. Upon release, they killed 14-year-old girl Ariana Funes-Diaz and dumped her body in a creek.

Prince George’s County is a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens. Both are members of the extremely violent gang MS-13.

This is something border hawks have been warning against for a long time. Simply being under 18 or “unaccompanied” does mean there’s no threat. While Democrats like to pretend every minor who crosses the border is an innocent five year old, MS-13 and the drug cartels in general use the loopholes to their advantage.

It’s also absolutely insane that someone can commit attempted murder, yet because they are illegal, certain principalities give them treatment they’d never give a citizen. If any American were charged with such serious crimes, there’s zero chance they’d be released onto the street so nonchalantly.


Here’s ICE’s full statement.

“Following the recent arrest of two unlawfully present teens suspected in the violent murder of a young girl in Maryland, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) officers in Baltimore are again seeking to take custody of the illegal aliens through the ICE detainer process following the Prince George’s County Detention Center’s (PGCDC) failure to cooperate. Josue Rafael Fuentes-Ponce and Joel Ernesto Escobar, both Salvadoran nationals, were previously arrested on May 11, 2018 when they were arrested by Prince George’s County Police Department (PGCPD) for attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, participation in gang activity, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted robbery, and other related charges.

One of the killers had already been ordered to leave the country by an immigration judge, so not only did ICE have a legitimate claim based on their previous violent activity, but the court system was behind them as well.

Mary Lou McDonough, who made the decision to release these two violent illegal aliens, responded not only un-apologetically, but still spewing sanctuary policy rhetoric.


Mary Lou McDonough, Director of the Department of Corrections of Prince George County, Maryland, responded to the criticism from ICE by protesting, “A detainer is not a warrant; it’s a civil detainer: it’s actually a request for localities to hold inmates until ICE decides whether they want to conform or not.”

How cold do you have to be take that stance after a 14 year old has been murdered? Her snarking back at ICE that their requests are “civil detainers” is essentially her trying to say they hold no power in her county. Legally, they absolutely do and she had the authority to hold onto the two murderers at ICE’s request. She didn’t, instead releasing them into the general public simply because they were illegal aliens and she wanted to protect them from deportation.

It’s absolutely vile. Something has to change here.

I’m going to say something unpopular to a lot of Trump supporters, but instead of railing against irrelevant figures like Rex Tillerson and spending all his time worried about House Democrats, this is the kind of stuff the President should be laser focused on. If he wants to win re-election, setting up a choice between what’s just and what’s clearly unjust is what he needs to do. Democrats support the kinds of sanctuary policies which led to this travesty and they need be made to own it.


This case, along with the clear crisis at the border, would be the perfect time to do another national address and expose all this to the American people. Force the media to cover this stuff and force Democrats to answer for it.

Bill Barr is going to take care of Trump-Russia investigative corruption. Trump has to start taking 2020 seriously and hone his message. The economy is obviously going to be the main thrust, but I’m confident that most Americans are sickened by stories like this and want our immigration laws enforced. He should do everything he can to test that theory.


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