Ralph Northam Just Entered the Gaslighting Hall of Fame With an Assist From the Mainstream Media

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Back in February, scandal broke out briefly involving Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA) and a photo that appeared on his yearbook page depicting two men, one in a KKK outfit and the other in blackface.


At the time, the case seemed open and shut. So much so that Northam admitted he was in the photo and offered to moon walk at a press conference out of desperation. It didn’t seem like he’d survive as Democrats started to abandon him. Then he buckled down and changed his story. The very next day, he suddenly couldn’t remember who was in the picture in question. He also couldn’t answer how the picture got on his yearbook page when all the students submitted their own photos for those pages. Never mind that his college nickname was “coonman,” a clearly racially charged descriptor.

After a few weeks, the story died down and because he wore indestructible plot armor of being a Democrat, the media basically let him off the hook and stopped talking about it.

Today, an “investigation” by Northam’s medical school (where the yearbook was issued) came back inconclusive. This has the media and Northam gaslighting the world and claiming vindication.

So now not only is he saying he doesn’t remember, he’s asserting confidently that he was not in the photo at all.


Here’s a reminder of what he said the night this story first broke.

“I am deeply sorry for the decision I made to appear as I did in this photo and for the hurt that decision caused then and now.”

That’s quite a different take than we are hearing from Northam today.

The mainstream media were, of course, ready to offer an assist in rebuilding his image as they blasted out headlines painting Northam as vindicated.

Again…he admitted to being the in the freaking picture. There is no debate to be had here. Northam doesn’t get a do-over.

Well, actually he does, because instead of calling out Northam’s lies, the media are happy to shove out stories accepting his narrative that he wasn’t in the photo (or at least pretending it’s nebulous). It’s incredible to witness such bias, which apparently has no boundaries. Would a Republican ever get this kind of kid-glove treatment? Of course not. But Northam is a Democrat and that means he must be protected, especially when any harm that comes to him could help the GOP in the next election in VA.


I’ve seen some pretty incredible gaslighting before, but a situation where someone admits to something, there’s photo evidence of that something, and then takes it all back is pretty next level stuff. I’m not sure whether to outraged or impressed.


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