The DNC Is Nearly Broke and The Numbers Are Brutal

The DNC continues to get trounced by the RNC in fundraising and the specific numbers are absolutely brutal.

The newest report shows the GOP almost tripling up the Democrats in the month of April. At this point, I have no idea how Tom Perez is keeping his job.


The Democratic National Committee’s fundraising numbers lagged behind those of the Republican National Committee in April, receipt numbers show.

The RNC raised $15.9 million in donations while the DNC raised $6.6 million in April, according to campaign financial disclosures.

“A cash-strapped DNC is in no position to offer their eventual nominee significant resources after they conclude their costly primary battle,” an RNC spokesman said in a statement.

Why this matters isn’t really related to individual candidate advertising, but rather the DNC’s ability to build and sustain a competitive ground game. Far more money will be raised by whoever the eventual nominee is, but by that time, it’s expected that the party’s national committee already has the pieces in place.

The top line fundraising numbers are bad enough. It’s even worse for the Democrats when you look at debt and cash on hand.

Right now, the DNC is $6.2M in debt, with only $7.6M on hand. The RNC has $0 in debt and $34.7M cash on hand. While Republicans can expand their reach by offering all their candidates data for free, Democrats are having to charge $175,000 just for access.


Of course, the media have to somehow make this controversial. Politico tries to make it seem like the RNC’s money is coming from nefarious sources.

And casino mogul Steve Wynn — who was accused of sexually assaulting employees at his casinos — donated $248,500 to the RNC. Investigations into Wynn have concluded, and Wynn denies all wrongdoing, and “at this point, there is no reason for refusing his support,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told POLITICO last week. The RNC did not respond to a request for comment on Childs.

So if the investigation concluded and the accusations were found to be baseless, why is that even relevant? But the liberal media is gonna do what it does. The truth is that the RNC garnered two-thirds of its haul from small donors (under $200) and did far better in that area than the DNC.

What all this means for the 2020 election will be something we’ll have to find out. It could mean nothing, as a large enough national movement can overwhelm even the best ground game. Trump also showed in 2016 that money and traditional advertising isn’t nearly as important as it used to be. Regardless, it can only help the GOP to have so much more money in the bank. If a race is close in a state, that’s when a ground game can make or break you. This could also point to an enthusiasm gap, which you wouldn’t expect based on the media coverage, but does appear to be real right now when it comes to voters actually putting their money where their mouth is.


Or this could just be yet another example of liberals begging for higher taxes but not being willing to voluntarily give their money for any cause, political, charity, or otherwise.


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