Britain's Pro-Brexit Party is Forecast to Dominate the Upcoming Election and Feelings Will Be Hurt

Nigel Farage at the EU Parliament

The United Kingdom is currently stuck in a malaise over Brexit, with Theresa May continuing to fail with her proposals for how exactly to accomplish the pullout from the European Union.


May’s strategy has been a kind of soft Brexit, which lets the U.K. officially leave but then saddles them with many of the same regulations and issues they suffer with now. There’s no point in leaving the EU if Britain will still be under the thumb of Brussels but without any of the economic benefits. Problems with how to handle the border with Northern Ireland also continue to throw a wrench in things.

That’s a very simplified version of the situation, but the overall theme is that she can’t cobble together a majority to avoid the coming hard Brexit (which has already been extended once).

In the middle of all this, European Parliament elections are coming up on Thursday in the U.K. and we may be in for another big result. Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is set to dominate according to polling and looks to take nearly double the seats of the Labour and Liberal parties.

The Brexit Party is forecast by some polls to be heading for a convincing win with some suggesting his party will be left with nearly 30 MEPs – twice as many as Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Speaking to a rally of 3,000 supporters in central London , Mr Farage said: “If we win big on Thursday we will kill off any chance of a second referendum being forced on us because they know they will lose.

Here’s a look at some specific numbers.

Nigel Farage’s new party is polling at an average of 32 per cent which, taken alongside Ukip, puts the pro-Brexit vote at an estimated 35 per cent.

This is set against the collective 26 per cent of the Lib Dems (15 per cent), Greens (seven per cent) and Change UK (four per cent), who all advocate a second referendum and Remain.


This of course is causing much gnashing of teeth in the EU and among the media.

The French minister called Farage’s possible win “toxic” and is urging a quick completion of Brexit. We wouldn’t want him having to be in the presence of pro-Brexit peasants now would we?

“When you have Nigel Farage at more than 35 percent of the vote that won’t be easy for the European Union to manage,” Bruno Le Maire said. “How long do we continue like that?”

The Hill is scaremongering that the most popular Brexit party Twitter accounts are actually bots. I’m sure we’ll be blaming the Russians soon enough. You can read other U.S. media reports on the matter and it’s the same kind of tone.

What’s ironic about such claims is that the Farage is drawing huge crowds in his rallies and the ground swell is clearly not manufactured. Those aren’t “bots” forming overflow crowds.

Despite the media narrative we’ve heard for years, the British people do not want a 2nd referendum. They want their leaders to honor the original vote to leave. The more those leaders have screwed around, the more backlash has built. That’s why you now have the Brexit party, which was pulled out of thin air in the past year, set to clean up in the upcoming election.

This will no doubt carry over into the U.K.’s domestic election as well, which could send rabid anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn headed for the dustbin of history (thankfully). Some are even speculating that he may be forced out sooner. A big win on Thursday by Farage and a 2nd referendum will be essentially off the table.


And it should be. The British people voted to leave the corrupt, socialist system that is the European Union. They don’t want to be told by bureacrats in Brussels how to manage their immigration or what light bulbs they can use. They certainly don’t want Germany to continue to hold out-sized influence over their domestic rights. Those against Brexit don’t get go back and have a do-over on something like this. To do so would completely undermine Britain’s entire democratic system.

All of this echoes what we saw in Australia last week, where leftism got punched in the face in what was supposed to be an “unlosable” election for the socialist Labor Party. And just like after that election, we are going to see a lot of hurt feelings, pronouncements of doom, and accusations of racism toward the coming result in Britain. The playbook always remains the same for the left wing.


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