Jake Tapper Gets Dragged by Lefties for Differentiating Between a Convicted Child Murderer and a Baby

Sometimes political arguments just don’t make sense. This is one of those times.

In the wake of Alabama’s new abortion bill, liberals have spread all kinds of crazy rumors about it. In reality, it does not criminalize getting an abortion. It simply criminalizes those who seek to make money off providing abortions. That seems reasonable to those who don’t dehumanize life in the womb.


It also seems reasonable that California and other states like them have no business telling Alabama what they can and can’t do to protect scientifically provable human life.

Despite that, the propaganda machine is in full effect and one ridiculous take involves the fact that Alabama executed a convicted murderer the day after passing their abortion bill. This is supposed to represent some kind of grave hypocrisy. How? I have no idea, but cogent arguments are not the left’s strong suit.

Because, you know, an innocent baby completely robbed of due process is the same as a convicted child murderer…or something?

CNN’s Jake Tapper jumped in to point out how ridiculous the argument is.


Somehow, this sent liberals into an absolute meltdown.

Perhaps Justin could explain to us what is so obtuse about differentiating between a guy who slit the throats of children and innocent human life in the womb?


I’m not even sure what this guy is talking about.

Actually, it’s not equally vicious to execute a child murderer after full due process compared to killing a baby. I have no idea how any rational person could make such an argument, even if you are technically against the death penalty. There is no equity in the two situations.

This just shows how insane the left wing position is on abortion at this point. It’s so convoluted, so illogical, and so disgusting that they have to defend a guy who slit the throats of children in order to uphold their support for dismembering babies in the womb. That LA Times article is just asinine on its face, yet somehow it made it to print to be presented as a reasonable take.


Props to Jake Tapper for being willing to point out the stupidity of all this.


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