The Far-Left Lost an "Unlosable" National Election in Australia Last Night and It's Glorious

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It didn’t get a lot of play in the United States, but Australia had their national elections last night (well, their last night) and the results shocked everyone.


You see, much like we heard in 2016, the socialist, far-left Labor Party was set to sweep into power via an election all the pundits and experts were saying they couldn’t lose. Reality doesn’t always play along though and the more right leaning (there’s not really a “conservative” party) Liberal National Coalition won a historic victory to remain in control. Scott Morrison will serve a third term as Prime Minister.

Here’s a breakdown of how well the loss is being taken by the left.

Wait, you mean running on “climate change” and wealth redistribution isn’t a winning strategy? Tell me more.

Will the far-left learn any lessons from this stunning defeat? Nah. They are instead starting a campaign to have Queensland removed from Australia. Because that seems like a rational reaction to garbage policies being rejected. They’ll just get rid of the voters that didn’t vote like they wanted them to or something.


I’ll also note that all the polls had Labor winning over 50% of the vote, which would have given them not only the Prime Minster-ship, but also would have given them a majority in Parliament. So much for that. There are a lot of parallels to this and what happened in Israel last month, where Netanyahu’s Lukid party won against all odds.

And for some comic relief, The New York Times went with a “seized” headline to announce Morrison’s victory.

Is there anything those dirty right-wingers won’t seize on?

The bigger issue to American voters regarding all this is what it might mean for 2020. Is there once again a coalition waiting to snub the left, regardless of what all the polls and experts say? We’ll certainly find out. All I know is that no one should be doing their touchdown dance until the votes have all been counted.

If Democrats were smart, they’d take this as an omen to maybe tack to the center some. Most people are not down for destroying the economy over global warming hysteria, nor are they salivating for a socialist takeover of industries. Twitter is not real life. AOC’s district is not America.


They won’t learn any lessons though. Instead, they’ll keep pandering to the their far-left base and it may cost them another “unlosable” election next year.


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