Donald Trump Jr. WILL Testify Before the Senate After Winning Concessions from Lawmakers

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., right, and committee Vice Chairman Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va. confer on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017, during the committee’s confirmation hearing for CIA Director-designate Rep. Michael Pompeo, R-Kan. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)


Maybe this will get Democrats to stop demanding jail for their political opponents, if for only a few days.

Donald Trump Jr. originally resisted a new subpoena from the Senate but has now agreed to appear in a closed door setting. In doing so, he’s managed to extract a list of concessions about his testimony which must be abided by.

Here’s the report.

Donald Trump Jr. and the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee reached a deal on Tuesday for the president’s eldest son to return for a time-limited private interview with senators in the coming weeks, an accord that should cool a heated intraparty standoff.

Apparently, Trump Jr.’s lawyer was ready to send a letter telling the committee to pound sand on Monday. That might have meant pleading the 5th. Before that went down though, committee aides called and decided compromise was the better path here.

These are the details.

The terms of the compromise include an appearance by Mr. Trump in mid-June, with the questions limited to about a half-dozen topics and the time limited to no longer than two to four hours, according to the person familiar with the discussions. Another person familiar with the agreement, who would not be identified, said the scope included more like a dozen topics.


The Senate has also agreed that this will be the last time Trump Jr. is called to testify for any matter related to the 2016 election or Russian actions.

Regardless, this is still a waste of time. You can guess what the Democrats want to talk about.

Senate investigators are particularly interested in asking the younger Mr. Trump about an infamous June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower in Manhattan with a Russian lawyer who promised “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, as well as about his knowledge of a proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow. Some Democrats have accused Mr. Trump of potentially misleading other congressional committees.

Because two years of focus on that meeting, including a full special counsel investigation, wasn’t enough. Now we need Senate Democrats to question Trump Jr. for a second time so they can try to set a perjury trap.

There’s no actual new information to garner. Sen. Richard Burr indulging this as Committee Chairman was a misstep, likely in an attempt to pacify Sen. Mark Warner’s repeated demands. Of course, when you give Democrats an inch, they’ll just take a mile so good luck to Burr in his future endeavors with his committee.


You can trust that if Trump Jr. and his lawyers agreed to this new, limited interview, that they are confident nothing will come from it. You can take it to the bank though that Democrats will find some random word usage to claim Trump Jr. mislead them on some irrelevant nonsense. That’s what this is really all about.


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