Flop Sweat Builds After Bill Barr Announces an Investigation of the Trump-Russia Investigation

Last night, as reported by streiff, Bill Barr finally announced a full-scale investigation into the origins and handling of the Trump-Russia investigation. While it’s not a special counsel, it’s actually preferable in that it won’t simply be allowed to run out of control.


This has got lots and lots of media personalities and Obama officials sweating bullets.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes chimed in to let us know that Trump is weaponizing the DOJ.

Alternate headline: “Chris Hayes Obstructs Justice by Attacking DOJ Investigation”…I mean, that’s the standard for Trump right?

The sheer irony is hard to comprehend. The Obama administration literally did weaponize the DOJ against a political rival. Yet, he only speaks up when the DOJ starts an investigation to correct the misdeeds done by that initial investigation that Hayes didn’t oppose, and actually supported, in 2016-2017. It’s hard to frame how little sense that makes.

Hayes is aware. He’s just a partisan hack and didn’t care.

James Clapper also has growing flop sweat as he bemoans the questions about the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation as “Russian interference.”

You think he’s getting nervous? It sure seems like he’s getting nervous.


The Washington Post chimed in by finding their most sinister looking picture of the new prosecutor and writing a hand wringing article over it.

Seriously, they couldn’t find a better picture than that?

Rachel Maddow lost her mind and then went with the hilarious assertion that we still have no idea what happened between Trump and Russia despite two years, a special counsel, $35M spent, and an undeniable finding that there was no conspiracy.

The stupidity of all of this is shown by the fact that these same media members, Obama officials, and Democrat politicians have spent years telling us that investigations are great. They’ve repeatedly asserted that if you have nothing to hide, you should not oppose any measures taken to investigate possible wrongdoing.

Here’s Chuck Schumer just a few months ago doing this routine.


The major print publications also ran countless op-eds echoing that same theme about “looking guilty” such as this, this, and this.

By that logic, what are Democrats so scared of? What’s Clapper so scared of? Why are these people who’ve spent years telling us to never question investigations suddenly attacking investigations? It was just a few weeks ago that we were assured it’s completely out of bounds to question a prosecutor’s actions and that Trump committed a crime by doing so.

Heck, liberals and their media counterparts have repeatedly held the position that the DOJ/FBI are above reproach and should not be questioned at all, even as a general entity. Suddenly, things have changed though and we all know why. Barr’s investigation is bad news for Democrats and that means it’s bad news for the news media. They do not want this stuff exposed.

Luckily, Bill Barr has zero ***** left to give at this point.


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