Amazingly, CNN Actually Criticized Rashida Tlaib for Her Latest Anti-Semitic Comments

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). Screen grab via CNN.

The controversy over Rashida Tlaib’s comments involving the Holocaust and Palestinians supposedly creating a “safe haven” for Jews continues to boil over.


As I pointed out in my other piece, her recounting of history is not only false, but disgustingly immoral. The Jews didn’t not suddenly show up post-1945 and far predate an Arab presence in the region. The Palestinians also did not help the Jews, but rather committed massacres against them before, during, and after the Holocaust. To take the genocide against Jews during WW2 and use it to propagate false Arab propaganda that paints Jews as foreign outsiders was yet another in a long list of questionable comments from Tlaib that clearly show her anti-Semitic world view.

Amazingly, even CNN decided to tell the truth about this and criticized her today.

Here’s the full 5 minute segment.

In the segment, both guests condemn Tlaib’s insensitive ignorance of history and John King, the normally liberal host, actually corrected Tlaib by pointing out that her Palestinian ancestors collaborated with Hitler.


What you hear from the second guest is a little more telling though, as she opines that Republicans are “seizing” on the controversy to paint Tlaib as the face of the her party and that could be a big problem for the Democrats. In those comments you start to get a sense of why CNN was willing to have this segment when they’ve otherwise been faithful apologists for Tlaib and Ilhan Omar’s numerous anti-Semitic outbursts. The reason is simple.

Their survival instinct is kicking it. 

CNN realizes that there are some things that are a bridge too far for the country. Holocaust revisionism is one of those things. In order to protect Democrats, the network is finally starting to push back in hopes of tamping down the outrage and pushing Tlaib and others to the back of the room. The less they become the face of the party, the better CNN feels about Democrat perceptions among the populace.

Their efforts will be in vain though. Tlaib and Omar have garnered near untouchable status among the Democrat base. In fact, Nancy Pelosi came out today and demanded an apology from (checks notes)…Republicans for Tlaib’s comments. Democrats are too far down the rabbit hole and there’s no putting the monster they’ve created back in its box at this point.


Now, with all of this said and giving credit where credit is due, I’m sure tonight’s CNN primetime lineup will be full of Tlaib defenses and bashing of Republicans for daring to question her. Otherwise known as a return to normalcy.


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