Media Gets Triggered By Trump Saying John Kerry Should Be Prosecuted, But There's a Problem

Earlier this week, President Trump said that John Kerry should be prosecuted under the Logan Act. This immediately caused uncontrollable spasms and hair to spontanously combust in newsrooms across America.


How could Trump possibly suggest that a political opponent should be jailed!

To be sure, the Logan Act is abject garbage as a law. That doesn’t change the fact that Kerry is clearly in violation of it as it is written. In actuality, I’d expect any prosecution under the law would eventually be found unconstitutional, but that didn’t stop Sally Yates and Democrats across American from yelling about it in relation to Michael Flynn for two years.

So why the gnashing of teeth now when the President suggests an actual violation of it be prosecuted? The bigger problem here is the hypocrisy though. You know who else is going around talking about jailing their political opponents? That would be nearly every major Democrat in the country.


Here’s a great montage of all the bloviating.

Now, oddly enough, I don’t remember any major media figure, including Toobin and Maddow above, objecting to Democrats suggesting that Bill Barr should be thrown in jail for absolutely no actual legal reason. In fact, most media members have treated it as a realistic, even laudable position.

This just shows how unserious these people are. Anything Trump says must be opposed. Anything Democrats do must be supported. It doesn’t matter if it involves blatant hypocrisy.

While John Kerry is not going to be prosecuted under the Logan Act, it is still great to see Trump make the media turn flips over it in the same week they were all calling for Barr to be hauled away in handcuffs. It’s one of his greatest skills.


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