Nancy Pelosi Is Really Concerned Trump Won't Leave Office If He Loses in 2020

This is what you call projection right? See the photo above for a reason why.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is apparently really concerned that President Trump won’t voluntarily leave office if he loses the election in 2020.


And her’s CNN’s resident Tater dutifully reporting Pelosi’s worries without a hint of skepticism.

Maybe the Democrats should try winning the 2020 election before expressing concerns like this. Better yet, maybe they should worry about their own party members who are still refusing to concede elections they lost.

Case in point, Stacey Abrams, who lost the GA governorship by over 50,000 votes, is still going around telling people she won. She said this on Friday.

“I’m here to tell you a secret that makes Breitbart and Tucker Carlson go crazy: We won,” Abrams said. “I am not delusional. I know I am not the governor of Georgia – possibly yet.”

Let me help her out here. You see, the fact that you aren’t the governor of Georgia means you did not win.


Imagine if Donald Trump said “we don’t have to concede elections anymore.” Abrams continues to whine about non-existent voter suppression in an election where African Americans turned out in higher percentages than whites. Where is the suppression exactly? We keep hearing the voter rolls were purged. Correct, that was done as part of a decades old law that clears off dead, inactive, and ineligible voters. No one who gets purged is stopped from re-registering and you can even register same day to vote provisionally.

Will Trump whine if he loses the election? Probably. But so what? Democrats, including Hillary Clinton have been doing that for years. Clinton is still out there claiming the election was stolen from her. Meanwhile, the media have no qualms with Democrats who question the electoral system. I was once told that’s dangerous for “our democracy.” It’s all partisan nonsense.

Good news for Nancy though. She hopefully won’t have to test her theory.


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