Trump Hits All Time High On Handling of the Economy in Latest CNN Poll

Seton Motley | Red State |

It’s the economy, stupid. That’s the old axiom that President Trump is banking on still being true and so far he’s in good position on that front.


CNN put out a new poll yesterday, no doubt with much pain involved, showing that Trump has hit an all time high on his handling of the economy. In total 56% of the country approve while just 41% disapprove.

Who are the people who disapprove here? I ask that sincerely. How can you disapprove of near record low unemployment, exploding growth far outpacing expectations, and the first real wage growth we’ve seen in over a decade? What’s not to like exactly?

It goes to show how silly politics can be. I guarantee you that those same 41% all approved of Obama’s economy when it was stuck at 1% growth and wages were stagnant. There are actually people out there who’d rather suffer than admit someone in the opposing party did something right.


Typically, economic health is a good indicator of a President’s re-election chances. This is Donald Trump though so the normal rules can probably be thrown out the window. How well he’s able to stay on message in promoting the current great economy will make or break him. A little discipline will go a long way.


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