Jerry Nadler Throws His Weight Around, Threatens to Hold AG Barr in Contempt of Congress

We are in the midst of a full-scale freakout regarding AG Bill Barr doing such awful things as telling the truth and not covering up the Mueller report.

In response, Democrats have acted in their typical bad faith and tried to play games with his testimony. Instead of doing the constitutional thing and having House members perform their oversight functions, the Democrats wanted Barr stuck in a room to be grilled by a bunch of un-elected lawyers.


Barr, not being an idiot, laughed in their face and told them to go jump in a lake.

This has the girthy Rep. Jerry Nadler foaming at the mouth with rage.

A good faith attempt would have been to not place unreasonable, abnormal conditions on Barr’s testimony. It’s one thing to have staffers ask questions formulated by representatives. It’s another to bring in a team of lawyers to try to grill someone, with the obvious objective being to set a perjury trap. That’s not the proper role of the House of Representatives and Barr was right to say not show up.

Press Sec. Sarah Sanders hit back at Nadler earlier today.

“It’s surprising to find out he has actually lost confidence in himself and his capability to do his job,” Sanders said of Nadler. “If he can’t, and he’s not capable of asking the attorney general questions, maybe he should step down and resign and allow someone else to.”


Given that Nadler is an underhanded partisan, don’t expect his second attempt at “good faith” to be anymore productive. That will lead to the next step of Democrats voting to hold Barr in contempt of Congress.

Some Democrats are so frothing with excitement that they think Barr is going to prison.

Yeah, no, that’s not how this works at all.

There is something disturbing about just how comfortable Democrats are becoming with trying to use the legal system to target their political opponents for political reasons. This is the kind of garbage you see third world countries devolve into.

If Nadler wants Barr to testify, he can simply agree to question Barr himself. Instead, he’s making unrealistic demands, such as the release of the entire un-redacted Mueller report, which would be illegal because grand jury material is protected. He does all this knowing that Barr can’t comply, which leaves Nadler able to run to the microphones to bloviate for the dozen or so people still watching CNN.


Frankly, I can’t wait for the media to suddenly decide that being held in contempt of Congress is a huge deal. When it happened to Obama lackey Eric Holder, it was met with a collective shrug. Regardless, nothing is going to happen to Barr except his appearance in a few more thug life memes for how ice cold he is in handling the Democrats.


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