Ilhan Omar Praises a Communist and Terrorist As "One of My Idols"

Rep. Ilhan Omar, who can’t seem to stay out of the news for saying crazy things, had her latest “hold my beer” moment a few days ago. This took place at a rally called “Black Women in Defense of Ilhan Omar.” What exactly they are defending her from except her own vile statements, I’m not sure.


Omar made several wild comments at the rally, including this one, but another statement stood out to me.

If you watch the video, you see Omar tearing up as she describes Angela Davis as an “idol” and proclaims her an inspiration in her life.

Just who is Angela Davis? She’s a rabid anti-Semite, a communist who supported the Soviet Union, and aided a terrorist plot.

Davis was a member of the Black Panther Party during the 60s and 70s, where she purchased guns used to murder a judge. She eventually fled and made it on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. While she was found not guilty of the actual killing in the end after lots of legal gyrations, there was never any doubt she knew about and helped the domestic terrorist plot.


Even past that portion of her life, her political views are toxic enough that it’s jarring to see a Congressional member praise her. She’s a supporter of the rabidly anti-Semitic “Nation of Islam” and routinely defends Louise Farrakhan. Her support of the Soviet Union and its brutal tactics is also not hypothetical or exaggerated. Davis publicly and proudly supported the communist dictatorship, including pronouncing that Jews being thrown in prison “deserved what they get.” Davis has rarely found a totalitarian that she didn’t support.

Despite her awful past (and present), she is rarely described as anything more than an “activist and scholar” in mainstream media reports. It’s a testament to just how insane inter-sectionalism has made our discourse, where racial concerns override the denouncement of terrorism and support for murderous dictators.

For Ilhan Omar’s part, she’s clearly realized that the only pushback she’ll get at this point is from those writing from a right-wing perspective. The mainstream media are scared to death to criticize her and it has only emboldened Omar’s resolve to make her true views public. In a way, that’s probably better than her continuing to hide them. You’d think at some point this would reach critical mass and the Democratic party leadership would say enough is enough but that doesn’t appear to be imminent.


Regardless, it’s important to keep exposing this stuff and that’s what we plan to keep doing here.


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